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IT (Information Technology) Portfolio Management Step-by-Step: Unlocking the Business Value of Technology



IT (Information Technology) Portfolio Management Step-by-Step: Unlocking the Business Value of Technology

Bryan Maizlish, Robert Handler

ISBN: 978-1-118-00505-7 October 2010 400 Pages

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Praise for IT Portfolio Management Step-by-Step

"Bryan Maizlish and Robert Handler bring their deep experience in IT 'value realization' to one of the most absent of all IT management practices--portfolio management. They capture the essence of universally proven investment practices and apply them to the most difficult of challenges--returning high strategic and dollar payoffs from an enterprise's IT department. The reader will find many new and rewarding insights to making their IT investments finally return market leading results."
--John C. Reece, Chairman and CEO, John C. Reece & Associates, LLC Former deputy commissioner for modernization and CIO of the IRS

"IT Portfolio Management describes in great detail the critical aspects, know-how, practical examples, key insights, and best practices to improve operational efficiency, corporate agility, and business competitiveness. It eloquently illustrates the methods of building and integrating a portfolio of IT investments to ensure the realization of maximum value and benefit, and to fully leverage the value of all IT assets. Whether you are getting started or building on your initial success in IT portfolio management, this book will provide you information on how to build and implement an effective IT portfolio management strategy."
--David Mitchell, President and CEO, webMethods, Inc.

"I found IT Portfolio Management very easy to read, and it highlights many of the seminal aspects and best practices from financial portfolio management. It is an important book for executive, business, and IT managers."
--Michael J. Montgomery, President, Montgomery & Co.

"IT Portfolio Management details a comprehensive framework and process showing how to align business and IT for superior value. Maizlish and Handler have the depth of experience, knowledge, and insight needed to tackle the challenges and opportunities companies face in optimizing their IT investment portfolios. This is an exceptionally important book for executive leadership and IT business managers, especially those wanting to build a process-managed enterprise."
--Peter Fingar, Executive Partner Greystone Group, coauthor of The Real-Time Enterprise and Business Process Management (BPM): The Third Wave

"A must-read for the non-IT manager who needs to understand the complexity and challenges of managing an IT portfolio. The portfolio management techniques, analysis tools, and planning can be applied to any project or function."
--Richard "Max" Maksimoski, Senior Director R&D, The Scotts Company

"This book provides an excellent framework and real-world based approach for implementing IT portfolio management. It is a must-read for every CIO staff considering how to strategically and operationally impact their company's bottom line."
--Donavan R. Hardenbrook, New Product Development Professional, Intel Corporation

Foreword xi

Overview of the Book xv

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 IT Portfolio Management: An Overview 7

Cha Cha Changes in the Current Environment 7

Focus on IT Investments 8

Forming, Norming, Storming: The IT Life Cycle 13

Does IT Really Matter? The IT Productivity Paradox 14

IT Portfolio Management 101 17

Comparison of IT Portfolio Management and Financial Portfolio Management 27

Value and Risks 28

Conclusion 33

Appendix 1A: Selected Firm-Level Studies of IT Returns 36

Chapter 2 Planning for IT Portfolio Management: Ready, Aim, Then Fire 39

Introduction 39

Baseline Assessments 41

Organization Readiness 42

IT Portfolio Management Maturity 42

IT Portfolio Management Capability Assessment 46

Stakeholder Analysis 47

Refining IT Portfolio Objectives 49

Portfolio Metrics 53

Chartering the Effort 54

Task Planning 55

Communication Planning 55

IT Portfolio Management Software Selection 57

Conclusion 58

Appendix 2A: IT Portfolio Management Maturity Levels 59

Chapter 3 People and Governance: The Most Important Success Factors of IT Portfolio Management 65

Introduction 65

A Demanding Environment 67

The New Focus for IT: Business 71

The Business–IT Alignment 80

IT Governance 81

CobiT: Managing the Risk and Control of IT 91

Getting Started 92

Appendix 3A: Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Road Map 97

Appendix 3B: Top Issues Faced by Management 99

Appendix 3C: Top Issues Mapped to Key Individuals and Governance Bodies 102

Chapter 4 IT Portfolios and Their Content in Context 107

Introduction 107

IT Discovery Portfolio 121

IT Project Portfolio 128

IT Asset Portfolio 142

Conclusion 168

Appendix 4A: Technology Readiness Levels: Hardware and Software 171

Chapter 5 Building the IT Portfolio 175

Introduction 175

Stage 1: Game Plan 185

Stage 2: Planning 202

Stage 3: Creating 211

Stage 4: Assessing 234

Stage 5: Balancing 246

Stage 6: Communicating 260

Stage 7: Governance and Organization 266

Stage 8: Assessing Execution 270

Conclusion 274

Appendix 5A Value Categories and Value Factors 276

Appendix 5B Risk Categories and Risk Factors 278

Appendix 5C Readiness Assessment: Business, Internal, and Operational Diagnostics 280

Chapter 6 The IT Portfolio Management Market and Industry Provider Assessment Methodology 285

Introduction 285

IT Portfolio Software Market 286

IT Portfolio Software Selection Process 289

Industry Provider Assessment Methodology 292

Conclusion 303

Appendix 6A Advanced IT Portfolio Software Provider Evaluation Criteria 304

Chapter 7 Final Thoughts 321

The Future Vision 326

Case Studies 329

Index 367

"Among the works that are aimed more towards business leaders, IT Portfolio Management is certainly one of the most accessible." (Business Digest, March 2007)