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Ice Cream and Frozen Deserts: A Commercial Guide to Production and Marketing

Ice Cream and Frozen Deserts: A Commercial Guide to Production and Marketing

Malcolm Stogo

ISBN: 978-0-471-15392-4

Dec 1997

560 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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A total guide to manufacturing, retail, and entrepreneurial success in one of today's most lucrative food industries.

Here is your one-stop guide to one of the fastest growing sectors of the food industry, where opportunities abound for manufacturers, retailers, and entrepreneurs. Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts is the only complete handbook on the commercial production and marketing of ice cream and frozen desserts for manufacturing and retail operations. It serves up a feast of how-to information, from writing business plans to purchasing equipment, from selecting a location to marketing your product—it even includes 500 delectable recipes using either the continuous or batch method of production.

Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts tells you what you need to know to:

  • Select the kind of frozen dessert business that's right for you.
  • Plan, finance, start, and operate a manufacturing or retail frozendessert business.
  • Purchase, install, and use ice cream making and serving equipment.
  • Determine which production method is right for you—continuous or batch.
  • Market and merchandise your frozen confections.
  • Manage employees, keep accurate financial records, and maintain sanitary conditions.
  • Create dozens of delectable types and flavors of frozen desserts.

Batch Freezing Process.

Continuous Freezing Process.

Sanitary Conditions.

Ice-Cream Mix Production.

Flavor Ingredients.

Ice Cream Novelties.

Bringing Product to Market.


Opening a Retail Frozen Dessert Business.

Operating a Frozen Dessert Retail Establishment.

Serving the Customer.

Marketing the Retail Frozen Dessert Shop.

Selling Soft Serve Products.


Ice Cream Recipes.

Italian Gelato.

Sorbet and Water Ice.

Hardpack Frozen Yogurt.