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Ice Sheets, Sea Level and the Dynamic Earth

Ice Sheets, Sea Level and the Dynamic Earth

Jerry X. Mitrovica (Editor), Bert L. A. Vermeersen (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-67010-1

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

309 pages


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geodynamics Series, Volume 29.

In this monograph, we present recent progress in geophysical modeling and observational tools related to the process of glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA). Rather than a retrospective view, however, we have been led by one over arching mission: to gather significant contributions that present the state-of-the-art in the field and beyond, just as it is being reshaped by new space-geodetic technologies. In this light, the monograph includes discussion on new progress in a number of long-standing problems: the modeling of the Earth's viscoelastic response; the prediction and analysis of sea-level changes and anomalies in the Earth's rotation and gravity field; and the inference of mantle viscosity. Such contributions are complemented by papers that focus on results obtained by GPS and constraints expected from impending satellite missions, as well as predictions of geophysical observables (e.g., present-day 3-D deformations, gravity signals and fault instability) related to these efforts. In these many applications it is important to understand recent progress in GIA research and the limitations that currently impact that research.

Jerry X. Mitrovica and Bert L. A. Vermeersen  vii

Glacial Isostatic Adjustment and the Earth System
Jerry X. Mitrovica and Bert L. A. Vermeersen  1

Geodetic Constraints on Glacial Isostatic Adjustment
John M. Wahr and James L. Davis  3

Sea Level Change From Mid Holocene to Recent Time: An Australian Example with Global Implications
Kurt Lambeck  33

Long-Term Rotation Instabilities of the Earth: A Reanalysis
P. Sabadini and B. L. A. Vermeersen  51

BIFROST:Observing the Three-Dimensional  Deformation of Fennoscandia
Hans-Georg Scherneck and  M . Johansson, Gunna Erlgered, James L . Davis, Bo Jonsson, Gunnar Hedling, Hannu Koivula, Matti Ollikainen, Markku Poutanen, Martin Vermeer, Jerry X. Mitrovica, and Glenn, A. Milne  69

The European Earth Explorer Mission GOCE: Impact for the Geosciences
P. N. A. M. Vissert, Rummel, G. Balmino, H. Sinkeld, . JohannesseMn., Aguirre P. L. Woodworth, C. Le Provost, C.C. Tscherning, and P. Sabadini  95

Effect of Mantle Structure on Postglacial  Induced Horizontal Displacement
Kim O'Keefe and Patrick Wu  109

A Comparison of Methods of Aitimetry and Gravity Inversion to Measure Components of the Global Water Budget
Andrew  S. Trupin, C. K. Shum, and C. Y. Zhao  119

Late Pleistocen, Heolocene and Present-Day Ice Load Evolutionin the Antarctic Peninsula:
Models and Predicted Vertical Crustal Motion
Erik R. Ivins, Carol A. Raymond, and Thomas S. James  133

Recent A dvances in Predicting Giaciation-lnduced Sea Level Changes
and Their Impact on Model Applications
Glenn A. Milne  157

Contributions of Ineffective Ice Loads on Sea Level and Free Air Gravity
Junichi Okuno and Masao Nakada  177

On the Radial Profile of Mantle Viscosity
Jerry X. Mitrovica and Alessandro M. Forte 187

On the Apparent Exponential Relaxation Curves at the Central Regions of the Last Pleistocene Ice Sheets
Ming Fang and Bradford Hager 201

Postglacial Induced Surface Motion, Gravity and Fault Instability in Laurentia:
Evidence for Power Law Rheology in the Mantle?
Patrick Wu 219

The Convective Mantle Flow Signal in Rates of True Polar Wander
Bernhard Steinberger and Richard J. O'Connell 233

Determination of Viscoelastic Spectra by Matrix Eigenvalue Analysis
Ladislav Hanyk, Ctirad Matyska, and David A. Yuen 257

Compressible Viscoelastic Earth Models Based on Darwin's Law
Detlef Wolf and Guoying Li 275

Glacial Isostatic Adjustment on a Three-Dimensional Laterally Heterogeneous Earth:
Examples From Fennoscandia and the Barents Sea
Georg Kaufmann and Patrick Wu  293