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Igniting Customer Connections: Fire Up Your Company's Growth By Multiplying Customer Experience and Engagement



Igniting Customer Connections: Fire Up Your Company's Growth By Multiplying Customer Experience and Engagement

Andrew Frawley

ISBN: 978-1-118-91670-4 October 2014 256 Pages


A new data-driven approach to building customer relationships that fuel sustainable business growth

Igniting Customer Connections explores how organizations of all sizes can build powerful and profitable customer relationships in a today's increasingly complex, fast-paced, and fragmented marketplace. Written by the president of one of the world's largest marketing firms, the book provides expert insights about connecting with customers effectively across all channels and over time. The central premise is a refreshingly different, evidence-based approach called Return On Experience and Engagement, or ROE2, which delivers a new way to inspire and measure customer connections—and improve business results.

The traditional marketing campaign—a battle for attention with a clear launch date and endpoint—no longer works. Marketing is faster and more complex than ever, and consumers now have the power to turn off the message. Igniting Customer Connections explores the benefits of a new approach that enables companies to connect with customers, rather than just talk at them. Topics include:

  • Why classic ROI is losing relevance as a way to measure results—and to budget marketing spend
  • How to make powerful connections by taking full advantage of "atomic moments of truth"
  • Amplifying the impact of customer experience and engagement
  • Creating a continuous, measurable, repeatable process for growth

The key to winning customers and building long-term business is creating positive customer experiences that inspire ongoing engagement—from Facebook "likes" to purchase decisions. Based on data and stories drawn from dozens of top brands and thousands of consumers, Igniting Customer Connections helps marketers create long-term brand equity and sustainable business growth.

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Preface: Marketing Is on Fire ix


1 The New Marketing Landscape

To Survive Here, You Need to Be Able to Deal with Complexity and Speed 3

2 Customer Connections

The Basic Concept Remained Unchanged for Hundreds of Years—Until Now 17

3 Atomic Moments of Truth

They’re Small and Plentiful, and Have the Power to Make or Break Your Brand 27

4 The Amplification Effect

Multiply the Power of Experience × Engagement 41

5 A Closer Look at ROE2

Get a Clear Summary of ROE2—and a For-Mere-Mortals Look at the Math Behind It 53

6 Strategies for Transformation

Clear, Achievable Next Steps Help You Start Igniting Customer Connections Now 61


7 Executive Insights: Dunkin’ Donuts

How This Iconic American Brand Connects with Its Customers 75

8 ROE2 in the Grocery Aisles

How Do Emotion and Experience Influence Grocery Consumers? 83

9 Executive Insights: JCPenney

How JCPenney Uses Loyalty to Inspire Engagement 93

10 ROE2 in Hospitality

How Does Experience Impact How Consumers Choose Hotels? 99

11 Executive Insights: Angie’s List

Find Out How Angie’s List Keeps Its Members Engaged with Its Brand 113

12 ROE2 Hits the Road

What Drives Consumer Behavior When Buying a Car? 121

Part Three AN ROE2 PRIMER 135

13 Content

Connecting with More Customers Starts with More (and More Relevant) Content 137

14 Channels

More PathsThan Ever Lead You to Your Audience—But Reaching Them Is Just the Beginning 147

15 Measurement and Segmentation

Segment Your Customers and Measure Your Results, Accurately and Consistently 165

16 Technology

The Technologies That Empower ROE2 Are Available, Implementable, and Incredible 181

17 Big Data

What Do Marketers Need to Know about Big Data? 193

18 Online Marketing/Advertising Technology

What Marketers Need to Know about This Key Area 201

19 Putting Technology to Work

Strategies for Implementing ROE2 Technology Successfully 207

20 Consumer Privacy

Address This Critical Issue with Transparency, Knowledge, Respect, and Responsibility 211

21 A Few Final Words on ROE2

Before You Start Igniting Your Customer Connections 223

Acknowledgments 225

About the Author 227

Index 229