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Illusion: A Psychodynamic Interpretation of Thinking and Belief


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Illusion: A Psychodynamic Interpretation of Thinking and Belief

Michael Jacobs

ISBN: 978-1-861-56209-8 January 2011 154 Pages


The ways we know, think and believe about a whole variety of key areas - different forms of discourse, psychotherapy as well as religion - have much more in common than is usually perceived. Through a series of fascinating parallels running across different disciplines, Jacobs demonstrates the possible analysis of modes of thinking and belief - from intuitive pre-thinking, through authoritative-driven thinking and belief, and personal and polymathic knowledge, to unknowing, the last concept being one that is shared by Bion, Winnicott and major mystical tradition. Using this theoretical model the book provides a map to how clients and indeed therapists might think and believe, suggesting ways in which they may be supported as they shift through different modes, with all the anxiety that disillusionment brings.

Author's Note.

Chapter 1. Illusions of knowledge and belief.

Chapter 2. World-views.

Chapter 3. Intuitive pre-thinking and belief.

Chapter 4. Authority-driven belief and objective knowledge.

Chapter 5. Personal and polymathic thinking and belief.

Chapter 6. Un-knowing.