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Imaging Science

Peter Carter

ISBN: 978-0-632-05656-9 February 2007 Wiley-Blackwell 240 Pages


Imaging Science is the essential textbook for all undergraduate students and others training in diagnostic radiography, providing unique integrated coverage of physics, photography and equipment.

Imaging Science shows the reader the principles of achieving maximum diagnostic image quality while minimising the potentially harmful effects of exposure to ionising radiation. The first five chapters explain X-ray imaging, from conventional procedures through to computed tomography (CT). Then, three chapters cover the imaging modalities based on gamma radiation (RNI), ultrasound and nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI). For readers whose previous science study has been limited, chapters 1 – 4 are accompanied by commentary notes which draw out and define key scientific terms.

Chapter 1. A survey of x-ray imaging.

Chapter 2. Formation of the incident beam.

Chapter 3. Formation of the emergent beam.

Chapter 4. Formation of a visible image.

Chapter 5. Computed tomography.

Chapter 6. Radionuclide imaging.

Chapter 7. Ultrasound imaging.

Chapter 8. Magnetic resonance imaging.

Further study and reading.


  • is a major new undergraduate textbook for diagnostic radiography students
  • offers the reader a comprehensive text, written in an accessible style
  • is supplemented by over 70 high quality illustrations
  • includes commentary notes which provide definitions of key scientific terms