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Imaging of Surfaces and Interfaces

Jacek Lipkowski (Editor), Phil N. Ross (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-24672-5 August 1999 360 Pages


Pushing the frontiers of electrochemistry-a survey of new surface imaging techniques.

This latest installment in the Frontiers of Electrochemistry series helps readers gain insight into one of the hottest areas of modern electrochemistry. Tracing recent advances in the imaging of electrified surfaces, this volume describes cutting-edge techniques that allow us to record real-time and real-space images with atomic resolution, observe structures of surfaces and interfaces directly on a display, study the distribution of atoms and molecules during a surface reaction, and much more.

Leading international authorities discuss surface imaging techniques used in technologies involving electrocrystallization and electrodeposition of metals-employing numerous examples to demonstrate site specificity of electrode processes, and discussing applications to electronic materials such as the capacity to print nanopatterns at electrode surfaces. They cover techniques that advance our understanding of the properties of organic films and surfaces and interfaces, including scanning electron microscopy and microprobes and atomic force microscopy. Finally, they review the theory of electron tunneling at the metal/solution interface, helping readers interpret images of electrode surfaces obtained by scanning tunneling microscopy.

Designed to meet the needs of specialists and nonspecialists alike, Imaging of Surfaces and Interfaces provides plenty of background material along with eight color plates. It is an important resource for scientists involved in electrochemistry, surface science, materials science, and electrodeposition technologies.
Low-Dimensional Metal Phases and Nanostructuring of Solid Surfaces (G. Staikov, et al.).

Electron Diffraction and Electron Microscopy of Electrode Surfaces (G. Lehmpfuhl, et al.).

Imaging Metal Electrocrystallization at High Resolution (R. Nichols).

Imaging of Reaction Fronts at Surfaces and Interfaces (H. Rottermund, et al.).

Potential Controlled Ordering in Organic Monolayers at Electrode-Electrolyte Interface (N. Tao).

Scanning Probe Microscopy of Organic Thin Films at Electrode Surfaces (J.-B. Green, et al.).

Theoretical Aspects of the Scanning Tunneling Microscope Operating in an Electrolyte Solution (W. Schmickler).

"full of ultramicroscopical detail" (Ultramicroscopy, Vol. 87, 2001)