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Immune Dysfunction and Immunotherapy in Heart Disease

Immune Dysfunction and Immunotherapy in Heart Disease

Ronald Ross Watson (Editor), Douglas F. Larson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-405-15568-7

Sep 2007, Wiley-Blackwell

328 pages

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Current heart failure therapeutics affects symptoms without appreciably reducing the mortality rate of 50% in five years -- suggesting a failure in treating the underlying mechanism. This book proposes a new mechanism for heart failure; immune mediated cardiac remodelling for cardiac dysfunction.

The outstanding editor team of two internationally recognized immunologists -- Ronald Watson, who has studied heart disease in immune dysfunction for a decade and has a patent for an immunotherapy of heart disease by immune regulation, and Douglas Larson, whose experience in cardiac transplantation immunology has provided the foundation for research into novel therapeutics for heart failure and hypertension – makes Immune Dysfunction and Immunotherapy in Heart Disease the definitive reference to the state of the science in this area.

The four parts of the book address:

  • Immune Dysfunction Leading to Heart Disease: Induction by Physiological Changes
  • Immune Dysfunction Promoting CVD: Induction by Transplantation Drugs
  • Immune Dysfunction Leading to Heart Dysfunction: Induction or Prevention by Cardiotherapeutic Drugs
  • Immune Dysfunction Leading to Heart Disease: Induction by Pathogens

Both researchers and practitioners will find this authoritative volume an excellent source of information on novel immune targeted therapeutics.



About the Editors.

Part I Immune dysfunction leading to.

heart disease: induction by.

physiological changes.

1 Immunosuppression by ultraviolet light-B.

radiation: amediator of cardiac remodeling.

Sherma Zibadi (The University of Arizona), Douglas F. Larson (Sarver Heart Center In the School of Medicine) & Ronald.

Ross Watson (Sarver Heart Center in the School of Medicine).

2 Immune mechanisms in pediatric.

cardiovascular disease.

Wendy A. Luce (Childrens Research Institute), Mandar S. Joshi (Center for Cardiovascular Medicine, Columbus), Timothy M.

Hoffman, Timothy (Columbus Children's Heart Center), F. Feltes (Childrens Research Institute) & John Anthony.

Bauer (Wexner Child Hospital, Ohio State University).

3 Heart failure–role of autoimmunity.

Urs Eriksson (Universitatsspital).

4 Immune basis of hypertension in humans.

Katherine Horak (Sarver Heart Center, The University of Arizona) & Douglas F. Larson (Sarver Heart Center In the School of Medicine).

5 Immune dysregulation: potential mediator of.

metabolic syndrome-induced cardiac.


Sherma Zibadi (The University of Arizona), Douglas F. Larson (Sarver Heart Center In the School of Medicine) & Ronald.

Ross Watson (Sarver Heart Center in the School of Medicine).

6 T helper 2 cell cytokines in remodeling of.

aortic wall.

W. L. Chan (William Harvey Research Institute).

7 Effects of TNF- on cardiac function.

Bo Yang (University of Arizona) & Douglas F. Larson (Sarver Heart Center In the School of Medicine).

8 Immunosuppression in promotion of cardiac.

allograft vasculopathy.

Farzad Moien-Afshari (University of British Columbia), Jonathan Choy (Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics), Bruce.

M. McManus (Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics) & Ismail Laher (University of British Columbia).

9 Immunotherapy for left.

ventricular dysfunction after.

heart transplantation.

Charles E. Canter (Washington University School of Medicine).

Part II Immune dysfunction promoting.

CVD: induction by transplantation.


10 Immunomodulating therapy in chronic heart.


Lars Gullestad (Department of Cardiology, University of Oslo, N-0027 Oslo, Norway).

, Jan Kristian Dam°as (Research Institute for Internal Medicine),.

Arne Yndestad (Research Institute for Internal Medicine, University of Oslo) & P°al Aukrust (Rikshospitalet).

11 Statins in atherosclerosis: role of immune.


Claire Arnaud & Fran¸cois Mach (Foundation for Medical Research).

12 ACE inhibitors as immunomodulators:.

treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Christina Grothusen (Dept. of Cardiology and Angiology) & Bernhard Schieffer (Department of Cardiology and Angiology).

13 Treatment of heart failure by anticytokine.


Donna L. Vredevoe (University of California, Los Angeles) & Julia R. Gage (Kendle International, Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA).

Part III Immune dysfunction leading to.

heart dysfunction: induction or.

prevention by cardiotherapeutic.


14 Pathogenesis of cardiovascular complications.

in the acquired immunodeficiency.


Giuseppe Barbaro (University “La Sapienza”).

15 Cytokines and T cell-mediated responses in.

autoimmune myocarditis.

Jin Zhang (The Proctor and Gamble Company).

16 Drugs of abuse: accentuation of.

immunomodulation of viral myocarditis.

Oana Madalina Petrescu (Caritas St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Boston) & James P. Morgan (Department of Medicine).

Part IV Immune dysfunction leading to.

heart disease: induction by.


17 Osteopontin: the link between the immune.

system and cardiac remodeling.

Samira Najmaii (Sarver Heart Center, The University of Arizona), Qianli Yu (Sarver Heart Center) & Douglas.

F. Larson (Sarver Heart Center In the School of Medicine).

18 Inflammatory immune activation in heart.

failure patients: therapeutic implications.

Mohammad Abraham Kazemizadeh Gol (University of Minnesota) &.

Mohsen Araghi-Niknam (CRM Clinical Research).

19 Role of innate immune dysregulation in.

diabetic heart failure.

Betsy B. Dokken (University of Arizona School of Medicine) & Paul F. McDonagh (Allan C. Hudson and Helen Lovaas Endowed Chair of Vascular Biology and Coagulation).

20 Tolerance in heart transplantation: current.

and future role.

Kimberly Gandy (University of Arizona), Jos Domen (Department of Surgery) & Jack.

Copeland (Department of Surgery).

21 Neutralization of Th2 cytokines in therapy of.

cardiovascular pathology.

A. Mandel (Director of Fundamental & Medical Research) & A. E. Bolton (Vasogen Ireland Limited).

22 Anti-inflammatory immune therapy in heart.


David Chen (The Methodist DeBakey Heart Center), Christian Assad-Kottner (The Methodist DeBakey Heart Center),.

Francisco J. Cordova (The Methodist DeBakey Heart Center), Carlos Orrego (The Methodist DeBakey Heart Center) &.

Guillermo Torre-Amione (The Methodist DeBakey Heart Center).

23 Cholesterol, interleukin-6 inflammation, and.

atherosclerosis—role of statins,.

bisphosphonates, and plant polyphenols in.

atherosclerosis and other diseases of.


Sota Omoigui (L. A. Pain Clinic -

24 Autoimmune myocarditis: treatment with.

anti-T-cell antibodies.

Zofia T. Bilin´ska & Witold Ruzytto.

25 Immunosuppressive therapy to counter.

cardiac allograft vasculopathy.

Carl V. Leier (Division of Cardiovascular Medicine).

26 Role of oral pathogens in the pathogenesis of.

coronary heart disease.

Palle Holmstrup (University of Copenhagen, Department of Periodontology).

27 Myocardial regenerative potential by stem cell.


Yinhong Chen (Geron Corporation), Catherine A. Priest (Geron Corporation) &.

Joseph D. Gold (Director of Stem Cell Biology and Research Questions).

28 Bioflavanoids and dietary anti-inflammatory.

actions: role in cardiovascular diseases.

Simin Bolourchi-Vaghefi (University of North Florida College of Health) & Amy Galena (Clinical dietitian).


● The latest information on the theory of immune regulation of heart structure to cause or prevent heart failure
● Includes the roles of cytokine dysregulation and immune dysfunction in the promotion and stimulation of enzymes involved in cardiac remodelling
● Covers immune dysfunction associated with aging and AIDS, where immune altering agents and treatments should maintain optimal heart structure and function