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Immunoassays: Essential Data

Immunoassays: Essential Data

R. Edwards (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-95275-6 May 1996 158 Pages


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This handy, pocket-sized guide provides quick and easy access to key information on immunoassays, saving readers valuable time. Coverage includes an explanation of terms, classification of assay types, separation techniques, radiolabelled immunoassays, enzyme, fluorescent and chemiluminescent systems, agglutination methods, immunosenors and equipment.
History and Classification (R. Edwards).

Antibodies and Antisera (R. Edwards).

Assay Design (R. Edwards).

Seperation (R. Edwards).

Radiolabeled Immunoassays (R. Edwards).

Enzyme-labeled Immunoassay (J. Little).

Flurescent and Phosphorescent Labeled Assays (S. Blincko).

Chemiluminescent and Bioluminescent Labeled Assays (S. Blincko).

Precipitation and Agglutination Methods (J. Little).

Dry Surface Immunoassays and Immunosensors (R. Edwards).

Data Processing (I. Howes).

Manufacturers and Suppliers.