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Immunological Techniques Made Easy

Immunological Techniques Made Easy


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Immunological Techniques Made Easy Edited by Olivier Cochet, Biotechnology and Antibody Laboratory, Jean-Luc Teillaud and Catherine Sautès, INSERM Laboratory of Cellular and Clinical Immunology, Institut Curie, Paris, France. Here, at last, is a clear and concise guide to 100 of the most commonly used immunological techniques that can easily be performed by non-immunologists, and which assumes no prior knowledge of the techniques described. The idea for this book arose from the authors' observations that scientists in many fields of biomedical research needed, at some time or another, to perform an immunological technique applied to their own specific field of research. Existing manuals of immunological techniques are intended primarily for research immunologists and are either too detailed or assume background expertise that the user may not necessarily possess. Each technique is described step-by-step, in an easy-to-follow format, much like a cooking recipe, and is abundantly illustrated to give the user a clear understanding of what is happening at each stage. The book is edited by three experienced immunologists from the Curie Institute in Paris who have brought together an international panel of contributors, all of whom have hands-on expertise of the techniques they describe. Conveniently spiral-bound for easy use at the laboratory bench, the book will be a valuable resource for scientists who want a readily accessible reference to be able to perform immunological techniques successfully and painlessly.

Cell Preparation.

Cell Typing.


Cell Culture.

Cell Activation.

Cell Proliferation.

Apoptosis Evaluation.


Antigen Preparation.

Generation of Polyclonal Antibodies.

Generation of Monoclonal Antibodies and Hybridomas.

Antibody Characterization.

Antibody Purification.

Biochemical Antibody Engineering.