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Impact & Excellence: Data-Driven Strategies for Aligning Mission, Culture and Performance in Nonprofit and Government Organizations

Impact & Excellence: Data-Driven Strategies for Aligning Mission, Culture and Performance in Nonprofit and Government Organizations

Sheri Chaney Jones

ISBN: 978-1-118-91097-9 August 2014 Jossey-Bass 304 Pages




Learn to identify, capture, and utilize impactful data for organizational transformation

Impact & Excellence is the culmination of a four year research study into the most successful data-driven strategies for today's non-profit and government organizations. The book focuses on five strategic elements to success based on proven principles, with solutions that are easy to implement and often lead to sweeping change. Each chapter includes discussion questions and action items to help leaders implement key concepts in their own organizations. Included with purchase is access to the Measurement Culture Survey, which, will allow readers to access a free benchmark report.

  • Learn to implement a measurement culture that emphasizes strong performance and measurable outcomes
  • Read vivid case studies from successful organizations that do things differently
  • Learn to utilize and leverage data to take decisive actions within your organization
  • Avoid common barriers to developing a measurement culture and learn ways to overcome limitations

The book utilizes a series of experiences and templates to help leaders develop a unique action plan tailored to their organization's particular circumstances. Filled with real success stories to inspire readers and with full study results available in the appendix, Impact & Excellence is a crucial resource for leaders to enable their social sector organizations to prosper and compete in today's economy.

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Foreword by Barbara Riley vii

Preface xi

Introduction xv

1 Social-Sector Impact and Excellence: The Call to Be More Strategic 1

2 The Imperative Future State: High-Performance Measurement Cultures 8

3 The Reality: We Are Not as Good as We Think We Are 25

4 Nonprofits and Measurement Cultures 38

5 Government and Measurement Cultures 58

6 Letting Go of Excuses: The “Five C’s” of Easy and Effective Impact and Excellence 78

7 Culture and Leadership 94

8 Clarify Mission 119

9 Capture Impact: Getting Started 147

10 Capture Impact: The Next Steps 170

11 Communicate Value 194

12 Change and Celebrate 215

13 Taking the First Step 229

Appendix A Leadership and Culture Self-Assessment 241

Appendix B Measurement Resources’ Measurement Culture Study Results 243

References 251

Acknowledgments 257

About the Author 259

Index 261