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Improved Ceramics through New Measurements, Processing, and Standards



Improved Ceramics through New Measurements, Processing, and Standards

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This new book presents new ceramic information in two parts. The first section presents state-of-the-art information on new measurements and characterization methods in the ceramic manufacturing process including characterization of mechanical properties microstructure, and machining techniques, as well as the status on the activity of standards in ceramics. The second part is a selection of peer reviewed research papers in this field.

This volume will prove indispensable for academic as well as industry researchers and for anyone seeking broader knowledge on the quality improvements through new measurements and processing technology.

Preface ix


Materials Development and Wear Applications of Si3N4 Ceramics 3
Katsutoshi Komeya

Measuring the Isoelectric Point of Ceramic Powder Suspensions: A Pre-Standardization Study 17
Vincent A. Hackley, Makio Naito, and Rolf Wäsche

Direct-Force Measurement of Nanotube-Attached Colloidal Probe in Liquid Media 27
Jeong-Min Cho and Wolfgang M. Sigmund

Direct Measurement of Strongly Attractive Particle-Particle Interactions 33
Kelcey L Eccleston and Kelly! Miller

In situ Observation of Rearrangement Mechanisms in Low Volume Fraction 2-D Aggregated Colloids 39
Sarunya Promkotra and Kelly T. Miller

Optical-Microscopic Observation of the Three-Dimensional Structure of Particles in a Ceramic Slurry 47
Masayo Oya and Minoru Takahashi

Particle Size Characterization of Highly Concentrated Barium Titanate Slurries by Ultrasonic Attenuation Spectroscopy 53
Shin-ichi Takeda, Hidehiko Suenaga, and Isao Tari

Particle Size Characterization of Highly Concentrated Alumina Slurries by Ultrasonic Attenuation Spectroscopy 59
Shin-ichi Takeda, Hiroyuki Harano, and Isao Tari

Analysis of Anionic Polymer Dispersant in Dense Alumina Suspension with Various Additive Content by Using Colloidal Probe AFM 65
H. Kamiya, J.Yoneyama, Y Fukuda, H. Abe, and M. Naito

Characterization of Coarse Particles Contained in Fine Powders at Very Low Concentrations 71
Yong-lck Cho, Masataro Okumiya, Makio Naito,Torsten Rabe, Rolf Wäsche, Roger Morrell, Kevin G. Ewsuk, Vincent Hackley, Stephen Freiman, and Keizo Uematsu

Characterizing Granulated Ceramic Powders for Dry Pressing and Sintering 77
K.G. Ewsuk, J.G. Argüello, D.N. Bencoe, D.T. Ellerby, S. J. Glass, D. H. Zeuch, and J.Anderson

Evaluation of Green Components by Nondestructive Methods 89
Torsten Rabe, Rainer Rudert, Jürgen Goebbels, and Karl-Wolfram Harbich

New Method to Observe the Internal Structure of a Green Body Using a Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope 99
Yutaka Saito, SatoshiTanaka, Nozomu Uchida, and Keizo Uematsu

Elastic, Plastic, and Viscoelastic Contact Problems in Axisymmetric Indentation 105
M. Sakai and S. Shimizu

Estimation of Short Crack R-Curves of Polycrystalline Ceramics by the Surface Crack in Flexure Method 115
Kouichi Yasuda, Tomitsugu Taguchi, Junichi Tatami, and Yohtaro Matsuo

Effects of Diamond Grit, Machining Direction, and Post Machining Treatments on Si3N4 Strength 121
Biljana Mikijelj and Richard Allor

Estimation ofTemperature Dependence of Thermal Shock Resistance by Infrared Radiation Technique 127
Sawao Honda,Tadahiro Nishikawa, Hideo Awaji, Yoshio Akimune, and Naoto Hirosaki


Characterization ofTranslucent Polycrystalline Alumina (PCA) Ceramics 135

Characterization of Sub-Superficial Defects in Translucent Alumina Using a Liquid Immersion
Technique in Transmitted Light Microscopy 145
H.N.Yoshimura, A.C. da Cruz, and H. Goldenstein

Fracture Strength Variability of Silicon Nitride Ceramics Made by Powder Compaction 151
Makio Naito, Hiroya Abe, Tadashi Hotta, Nobuhiro Shinohara, and Keizo Uematsu

Effect of Slurry Flocculation on the Microstructure of Alumina Green Bodies Prepared by Slip Casting 159
Y Hotta, H.Abe, M. Naito, K. Kamiya, and K. Uematsu

Effect of the Manufacturing Process on the Properties of Alumina Sintered Ceramics 165
Yong-lck Cho, Seung-jai Kim, Masataro Okumiya, Makio Naito, and Keizo Uematsu

Characterization of Cylindric Porous Ceramics Prepared with Centrifugal Molding 171
T. Nishikawa, S. Honda, and H. Awaji

Preparation ofTranslucent Aluminum Oxynitride Ceramics and Ar-HIP 177
A. Uchiyama, N. Hotta, R. Watanabe, and R. Miyamoto

Correlation between Suspension Structure and Rheological Properties of Suspensions of Nanosized Fumed Silica Powders 183
Jan Tabellion, Rolf Clasen, Jörg Reinshagen, Rainer Oberacker; and Michael J. Hoffmann

Characterization of Nanoparticles During Mg-AI-Spinel-Formation Calculated by MD-Simulations 189
Wilfried Wunderlich and Minoru Takahashi

Preparation ofTiN Powder by Floating-Type Reduction-Nitridation 195
N. Hotta, K. Nabetani, T. Oshima, and M. Aoki

Reviews of Microwave Processing of Ceramics in Japan 201
Hideoki Fukushima and Masao Matsui

Microwave Processing of Advanced Ceramics Using 28 GHz Frequency 211
H.Takizawa, T. Kimura, M. Iwasaki, K. Uheda, and T. Endo

Effect of Microwaves on the Formation of Ce20(C03)2 Doped with Nd by Homogeneous Precipitation 217
Michiyo Kamiya, Ken-ichiro Ogata, Eriko Shimada, and Ysuro Ikuma

Slip Casting and Pressureless Sintering of Boron Carbide 223
Akio Matsumoto, Akira Kawakami, and Tatsuya Goto


Recent Progress in the ISO/TC 206 International Standardization Activities for Fine Ceramics 221
Takashi Kanno

Drivers and Progress in the CEN TC184 Standards Activities for Advanced Technical Ceramics in Europe 241
B.G. Newland and R. Morrell

VAMAS: Accomplishments and Future Directions 251
Stephen Freiman and James Early

A Testing Program for a Silicon Nitride Reference Material 259
Tanja Lube, Robert Danzer, and Marc Steen

Techno-lnfrastructure for Fine Ceramics in Japan 269
Minoru Matsui

Index 279