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Improving Crop Resistance to Abiotic Stress



Improving Crop Resistance to Abiotic Stress


The latest update on improving crop resistance to abiotic stress using the advanced key methods of proteomics, genomics and metabolomics. The wellbalanced
international mix of contributors from industry and academia cover work carried out on individual crop plants, while also including studies of model organisms that can then be applied to specific crop plants

Volume I
Understanding the `Commoneome? Operative in Plants in Response to Various Abiotic Stresses (Hemant R Kushwaha, Sneh L Singla-Pareek, Sudhir K Sopory, and Ashwani Pareek)
Abiotic-Stress Tolerance in Plants: An Industry Perspective (Shoba Sivasankar, Robert W. Williams, and Thomas W. Greene)
Generation and Scavenging of Reactive Oxygen Species in Plants under Stress (Sarvajeet Singh Gill, Lamabam Peter Singh, Ritu Gill, and Narendra Tuteja)
Salinity Stress: A Major Constraint in Crop Production (Narendra Tuteja, Lamabam Peter Singh, Sarvajeet Singh Gill and Renu Tuteja)
Cold Stress and Abiotic Stress Signaling in Plants (Wenqiong J. Chen)
Mechanism of Sulfur dioxide Toxicity and Tolerance in Crop Plants (Lamabam Peter Singh, Sarvajeet Singh Gill, Ritu Gill, and Narendra Tuteja)
Excess Soil Phosphorus: Accelerated P Transfer, Water Quality Deterioration and Sustainable Remediation Strategies (Nilesh C. Sharma, and Shivendra V. Sahi)

IIA Introductory Methods
Genetic Modification of Crops: Past, Present and Future (Nina V Fedoroff)
Translational Biology Approaches to Improve Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Crops (Rina Iannacone, Francesco Cellini, Giorgio Morelli, and Ida Ruberti)
IIB Omics
Functional Genomics of Drought Tolerance in Crops: Engineering Transcriptional Regulators and Pathways (Bala Rathinasabapathi)
Transcriptomic and Metabolomic Approaches to the Analysis of Plant Freezing Tolerance and Cold Acclimation (Dirk K. Hincha, Carmen Espinoza, and Ellen Zuther)
Omics Techniques in Crop Research: An Overview (B. Fakrudin, Roberto Tuberosa, and Rajeev K Varshney)
The Use of 'Omics' Approaches in Arabidopsis for the Improvement of Abiotic Stress Tolerance (Aleksandra Skirycz, and Matthew A Hannah)
Functional Genomics and Computational Biology Tools for Gene Discovery for Abiotic Stress Tolerance (Kailash C. Bansal, Amit Katiyar, Shuchi Smita, and Viswanathan Chinnusamy)
Transcriptomics and Proteomics Approaches for Salinity Tolerance in Crop Plants (Naser A. Anjum, Sarvajeet S. Gill, Iqbal Ahmad, Narendra Tuteja, Praveen Soni, Ashwani Pareek, Shahid Umar, Muhammad Iqbal, Mário Pacheco, Armando C. Duarte, and Eduarda Pereira)
Plant Tissue Culture and Genetic Transformation for Crop Improvement (SS Gosal, and MS Kang)
A Systems-Based Molecular Biology Analysis of Resurrection Plants for Crop and Forage Improvement in Arid Environments (John P. Moore, and Jill Farrant)

IIC Other Approaches
Molecular Breeding for Enhancing Abiotic Stress Tolerance using Halophytes (Ajay Parida, Suja George, and K. Kavita)
Helicases in Improving Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Crop Plants (Narendra Tuteja, Sarvajeet Singh Gill, and Renu Tuteja)
Transcription Factors: Improving Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants (Pil Joon Seo, Jae-Hoon Jung, and Chung-Mo Park)
Make Your Best: MYB Transcription Factors for Improving Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Crops (Andrea Pitzschke)
Transporters and Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants (Vandna Rai, Narendra Tuteja, and Teruhiro Takabe)
Potassium and Sodium Transporters: Improving Salinity Tolerance in Plants (Toshio Yamaguchi, Nobuyuki Uozumi, and Tomoaki Horie)
Piriformospora indica, A Root Endophytic Fungus, Enhances Abiotic Stress Tolerance of the Host Plant (Manoj Kumar, Ruby Sharma, Abhimanyu Jogawat, Pratap Singh, Meenakshi Dua, Sarvajeet Singh Gill, Dipesh Kumar Trivedi, Narendra Tuteja, Ajit Kumar Verma, Ralf Oelmuller, and Atul Kumar Johri)
The Micromics Revolution: microRNA-Mediated Approaches to Develop Stress Resistant Crops (Camilo López, and Álvaro L Pérez-Quintero)
Transcription Factors: Improving Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants (Tetsuya Ishida, Yuriko Osakabe, and Shuichi Yanagisawa)
Polyamines in Developing Stress Resistant Crops (F Marco, R Alcázar, T Altabella, P Carrasco, Sarvajeet Singh Gill, Narendra Tuteja, and AF Tiburcio)

Volume II
IIIA Graminoids
Wheat: Functional Genomics of Abiotic Stress Tolerance (Paramjit Khurana, Harsh Chauhan, and Neetika Khurana)
Wheat: Mechanisms and Genetic Means for Improving Heat Tolerance (Kuldeep Singh, Vishal Chugh, Gurpreet K. Sahi, and Parveen Chhuneja)
Wheat and Rice Crops: `Omics? Approaches for Abiotic Stress Tolerance (Suja George, Ajay Parida, and M. S. Swaminathan)
Rice: Genomics-Assisted Breeding for Drought Tolerance (Prashant Vikram, Arvind Kumar, Alok Singh, and Nagendra K. Singh)
Rice: Improving Cold Stress Tolerane (K.M.Gothandam)
Maize: Physiological and Molecular Approaches for Improving Drought Tolerance (Ishwar Singh, T. Nepolean, R. Ambika Rajendran, and Mariko Shono)
Barley: Omics Approaches for Abiotic Stress Tolerance (Nicola Pecchioni, Justyna Anna Milc, Marianna Pasquariello and Enrico Francia)
Sugarcane: Physiological and Molecular Approaches for Improving Abiotic Stresses Tolerance and Sustaining Crop Productivity (Ashok K.Shrivastava, and Sangeeta Srivastava)
Sorghum: Improvement of Abiotic Stress Tolerance (Monika Dalal, M. Karthikeyan, and Viswanathan Chinnusamy)

IIIB Fruid and Vegetable Crops
Vegetable Crops (Chilli Pepper & Onion): Approaches to Improve Crop Productivity and Abiotic Stress Tolerance (Nandkumar Kunchge, Kiran Kumar, Prashant Firke)
Vegetable Crops: Improvement of Tolerance to Adverse Chemical Soil Conditions by Grafting (Giuseppe Colla, Youssef Rouphael, and Mariateresa Cardarelli)
Grain Legumes (Soybean, Chickpea and Peanut): Omics Approaches to Enhance Abiotic Stress Tolerance (D Srinivas Reddy, Pooja Bhatnagar-Mathur, Vincent Vadez and Kiran K Sharma)
Fruit Crops: Omic Approaches towards Elucidation of Abiotic Stress Tolerance (Pravendra Nath, Vidhu A. Sane, Mehar Hasan Asif, Aniruddha P. Sane, and Prabodh K. Trivedi)
Cassava Genetic Improvement: Omics Approaches for Facing Global Challenges (Yoshimi Umemura, Rane Jagadish, Motoaki Seki, Yoshinori Utsumi, Jarunya Narangajavana, and Manabu Ishitani)

IIIC Vegetable Crops: Solanaceae
Tomato: Grafting to Improve Salt Tolerance (Paloma Sanchez-Bel, Isabel Egea, Francisco B. Flores, and Maria C. Bolarin)
Tomato: Genomic Approaches for Salt and Drought Stress Tolerance (B. Pineda, J.O. García-Abellán, T. Antón, F. Pérez, E. Moyano, B. García-Sogo, J.F. Campos, T. Angosto, B. Morales, J. Capel, F.B. Flores, V. Moreno, M.C. Bolarin, R. Lozano, and A. Atarés)
Potato: Improving Crop Productivity and Abiotic Stress Tolerance (Gefu Wang-Pruski)
Potato: Production Strategies under Abiotic Stress (JS Minhas)
Tobacco: A Model Plant for Understanding the Mechanism of Abiotic Stress Tolerance (Scott Schaeffer, Tyson Koepke, and Amit Dhingra)

IIID Oil Crops including Brassicas
Sunflower: Improving Crop Productivity and Abiotic Stress Tolerance (Carlos A. Sala, Mariano Bulos, Emiliano Altieri, and María Laura Ramos)
Sesame: Overcoming the Abiotic Stresses in the Queen of Oilseed Crops (Suman Lakhanpaul,Vibhuti Singh, Sachin Kumar, Deepak Bhardwaj, and Kangila Venkataramana Bhat)
Jatropha curcas: Approaches to Engineer Ffatty Acid Synthesis and Abiotic Stress Tolerance (Nalini Eswaran, and T. Sudhakar Johnson)
Brassica Crop Species: Improving Water Use Efficiency -
Challenges and Opportunities (CD Palmer, Wilf Keller, Jas Singh, and Raju Datla)
Brassica Crops: Improving Abiotic Stress Tolerance: Current Status and Future Prospects (Stephen J. Robinson, and Isobel A.P. Parkin)
Mustard: Approaches for Crop Improvement and Abiotic Stress Tolerance (Sarvajeet Singh Gill, Gautam Kumar, Ashwani Pareek, Prabodh C Sharma, and Narendra Tuteja)

IIIE Other Crops
Cotton: Genetic Improvement for Drought Stress Tolerance: Current Status and Research Needs (E AbouKheir, MS Sheshshayee, TG Prasad, and M Udayakumar)
Tea: Present Status and Strategies to Improve Abiotic Stress Tolerance (Sanjay Kumar, Asosii Paul, Amita Bhattacharya, Ram Kumar Sharma, and Paramvir Singh Ahuja)

“However, the collection of case studies occupying volume 2 is unusually large and potentially the most considerable benefit of the book to researchers, teachers or students.”  (Experimental Agriculture, 1 March 2013)