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Improving Sports Performance in Middle and Long-Distance Running: A Scientific Approach to Race Preparation

Improving Sports Performance in Middle and Long-Distance Running: A Scientific Approach to Race Preparation

Joanne Fallowfield (Editor), David A. Wilkinson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-98437-5

Oct 1999

244 pages

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Addresses the physiological demands of middle and long-distance running presenting contemporary research on running and sporting performance which will be invaluable for athletes, coaches and sports science students. Rather than laying down another training doctrine for athletes and coaches to follow rigidly, it aims to provide prescriptive, sports-specific advice as far as is presently possible to enable all athletes to optimise their sporting performance. It addresses the physiological demands of middle and long distance running, presenting contemporary research on running. It also covers the limitations to running performance; the application of this knowledge to training and preparation for performance; methods by which the runner, coach and sports scientist can assess and monitor running performance; and special considerations for optimising performance including nutritional and environmental issues.

This is the first book in the 'Improving Sports Performance' series. It draws on the expertise of applied exercise physiologists who have direct experience of working with elite performers and coaches. The book is aimed at three groups of people. First, sports participants aspiring to improve their personal performance through a more complete understanding of the application of science. Second, coaches of such athletes who wish to complement the art of coaching by basing their training programmes upon rational scientific principles. Third, sports science and physical education students with an interest in implementing the theoretical background of their course in an applied sporting context.
Improving Running Performance: A Modern Phenomenon ( A. Twitchen).

Physiological Demands of Middle-Distance Running (D. Wood).

Physiological Demands of Long-Distance Running (D. Wood).

Training for Middle and Long-Distance Running D. Wilkinson).

Physiological Assessment of the Middle and Long-Distance Runner (D. Wilkinson).

Running and Tissue Damage (R. Child).

Nutrition for Performance (J. Fallowfield).

Running and the Environment (J. Fallowfield).


Supplementary Reading.


"This text strikes a harmonious balance between the scientific principles of performance enhancement and practical training advice. It is therefore successfully aimed at its intended readership, namely coaches, athletes and sports scientists. ... The text is referenced throughout and the appendix contains the nutrient profiles of sample meals (metric quantities). A supplementary reading list is also provided. This is a useful resource for any sports science minded individual." (Claire Harrison, Accredited Sports Dietitian and Lecturer in Sports Nutrition, Dietetics Today)

"it would be a useful addition to a specialist sports clinic library" (Physiotherapy Journal)

"The authors state in their introduction that 'the aim of this book is not to lay down another training routine for athletes and coaches to follow rigidly. Rather the aim is to enable athletes, coaches and students of sport science to acquire a knowledege of contemporary issues concerning the physical preparation necessary for participation in middle and long distnace running events'. There is no doubt that Improving Sports Performance in Middle and Long Distance Running not only acheives its aim, but actually excels by offering the reader a lot more...Highly recommended..." (Modern Athlete Coach)