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Improving Water and Nutrient-Use Efficiency in Food Production Systems

Improving Water and Nutrient-Use Efficiency in Food Production Systems

Zed Rengel (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-51798-7

Jan 2013, Wiley-Blackwell

320 pages



Improving Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency in Food Production Systems provides professionals, students, and policy makers with an in-depth view of various aspects of water and nutrient us in crop production. The book covers topics related to global economic, political, and social issues related to food production and distribution, describes various strategies and mechanisms that increase water and nutrient use efficiency, and review te curren situation and potential improvements in major food-producing systems on each continent. The book also deals with problems experienced by developed countries separtaely from problems facing developing countries.

Improving Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency emphasizes judicious water and nutrient management which is aimed at maximising water and nutrient utilisation in the agricultural landscape, and minimising undesirable nutrient losses to the environment.

Contributors vii

Preface xi

1 Current State and Future Potential of Global Food Production and Consumption 3
Christine Heumesser, Simon Thaler, Martin Schönhart, and Erwin Schmid

2 Water Resources and Global Change 21
Martin Wegehenkel

3 Translating Water into Food: How Water Cycles in Natural and Agricultural Landscapes 33
Andrzej Kêdziora and Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz

4 Nutrients as Limited Resources: Global Trends in Fertilizer Production and Use 57
Patrick Heffer and Michel Prud’homme

5 The Flow of Phosphorus in Food Production and Consumption Systems 79
Tina-Simone S. Neset, Dana Cordell, and Lotta Andersson

6 Matching Soil Nutrient Supply and Crop Demand during the Growing Season 93
Terry Rose and Bill Bowden

7 Physiology of Nitrogen-Use Efficiency 105
Al Imran Malik and Zed Rengel

8 Improving Crop Nitrogen Use in Dryland Farming: Interactions and Potential Trade-offs between Water- and Nutrient-Use Efficiency 123
Trevor P. Garnett and Greg J. Rebetzke

9 Breeding Approaches to Increasing Water-Use Efficiency 145
Lianne Merchuk and Yehoshua Saranga

10 Breeding Approaches to Increasing Nutrient-Use Efficiency: Examples from Common Beans 161
Matthew W. Blair

11 Using Simulation Modeling of Root Growth and Function as an Aid in Breeding for Increased Water- and Nutrient-Use Efficiency 177
Art J. Diggle and Vanessa M. Dunbabin

12 Improving Crop Production in the Arid Mediterranean Climate 187
Sven-Erik Jacobsen, Christian Richardt Jensen, and Fulai Liu

13 Agronomic Principles of Water- and Nutrient-Use Efficiency: Case Studies in Dryland Grain Production in Australia 211
John A. Kirkegaard and Michael J. Robertson

14 Use of Organic Fertilizers Alone or in Combination with Inorganic Ones: Effects on Water- and Nutrient-Use Efficiency in Indian Farming Systems 235
Cherkumalli Srinivasarao, Bandi Venkateswarlu, Dattatreya Mahabaleswara Hegde, K. Venkateswara Rao, and Sumanta Kundu

15 Current Status and Future Perspectives to Increase Nutrientand Water-Use Efficiency in Food Production Systems in China 263
Mingsheng Fan, Xiying Zhang, Lixing Yuan, Weifeng Zhang, and Fusuo Zhang

16 Water-and Nutrient-Use Efficiency in Food Production in South America 275
Nand K. Fageria and Luís F. Stone

Index 297

Color plate section is located between pages 180 and 181.