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In Our Fifties: Voices of Men and Women Reinventing Their Lives

In Our Fifties: Voices of Men and Women Reinventing Their Lives

William H. Bergquist, Elinor M. Greenberg, G. Alan Klaum

ISBN: 978-1-555-42513-5 April 1993 Jossey-Bass 264 Pages


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Focuses on evolving self images and changing relationships with families, friends, lovers, and the world at large.


The Authors

1 Myths and Realities: The Invisible Decade 1

2 New Identities, New Priorities: Settling Down or Gearing Up? 11

3 Stories and Dreams: Listening to Inner Voices 27

4 Body and Mind: Over the Hill or In Our Prime? 40

5 The Mirror of History: Understanding Commonality and Diversity 55

6 Friends and Lovers: The Quest for Relationship and Autonomy 75

7 Families: New Roles as Parents, Grandparents, and Children 89

8 Work and Career: Changing Needs and Sources of Meaning 115

9 Leadership: Power, Redefinition, and Self-Renewal 136

10 Achievement and Failure: Coming to Terms 148

11 Reinventing Our Lives: The Challenge of Change 165

12 To the Next Generation; Preparing for Your Fifties 173

Appendix: Research Questions 183

Recommended Readings 185

Notes 189

Index 195

"About half way through reading this book, I became aware of the fact that my reaction was, 'Oh, to be fifty again.' The authors present this decade as the one that 'promises to be the richest and most satisfying of your life.' A time of growth toward greater fulfillment. A message that especially warms the heart of an adult educator." --Malcolm S. Knowles, professor emeritus of adult and community college education, North Carolina State University