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In the Nature of Landscape: Cultural Geography on the Norfolk Broads

In the Nature of Landscape: Cultural Geography on the Norfolk Broads

David Matless

ISBN: 978-1-405-19082-4 August 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 294 Pages


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In the Nature of Landscape presents regional cultural landscape as a new direction for research in cultural geography.

  • Represents the first cultural geographic study of the Norfolk Broads region of eastern England
  • Addresses regional cultural landscape through consideration of narratives of landscape origin, debates over human conduct, the animal and plant landscapes of the region, and visions of the ends of landscape through pollution and flood
  • Draws upon in-depth original research, spanning almost two decades of archival work, interviews, and field study
  • Covers a great diversity of topics, from popular culture to scientific research, folk song to holiday diaries, planning survey to pioneering photography, and ornithology to children’s literature
  • Features a variety of illustrative material, including original photographs, paintings, photography, advertising imagery, scientific diagrams, maps, and souvenirs
Series Editors’ Preface vi

List of Illustrations vii

Preface and Acknowledgements ix

List of Abbreviations xii

1 Cultural Geography on the Norfolk Broads 1

2 Origins 39

3 Conduct 55

Icon I: Wherry 96

4 Animal Landscapes 106

5 Plant Landscapes 142

Icon II: Windmill 173

6 The Ends of Landscape 182

7 Concluding 215

Notes 224

References 238

Index 270