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Increase Your Brainpower: Improve Your Creativity, Memory, Mental Agility and Intelligence

Increase Your Brainpower: Improve Your Creativity, Memory, Mental Agility and Intelligence

Philip Carter, Ken Russell

ISBN: 978-0-471-53123-4

Jul 2001

144 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Athletes, gymnasts and dancers strive to push their bodies to achieve maximum potential, exercising to improve suppleness, stamina and technique to be the best in their chosen field.
Every one of us has to use our brain on a daily basis, but how many of us exercise or train our brain to improve its potential? Many of us take our brain for granted, believing there is little we can do to improve the brain we have been born with. This book sets out to demonstrate that this is not the case and that it is possible to considerably increase your brainpower and go some way to utilising your brain to its full potential.
After giving a brief summary of the composition of the brain, the remainder of the book concentrates on the main areas of brain function - creative thinking, memory, logical thought, agility of mind and intelligence - and provides a series of fun, yet stimulating tests and exercises designed to improve your mental well-being.

* Today's world increasingly calls for quick responses and the ability to think logically - these tests are designed to give valuable practice for those who want or need to exercise their minds.
* Section on IQ tests the disciplines most common in IQ testing - spacial ability, logical thought process, verbal ability and numerical ability.
* All tests have been specially written and compiled for this book by the UK Mensa Puzzle Editors
Ken Russell and Philip Carter first met in 1984 through their membership of Enigmasig, a special interest group within British Mensa devoted to the setting and solving of puzzles. They published their first book as joint authors in 1987 and with the publication of this series will have over 100 titles to their credit ranging from quizzes, IQ testing and puzzles.

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Agility of Mind.

Intelligence Tests.


"…Use this book as a fun and informative way of testing, assessing, and expanding your brainpower…" (Intern, No.4, 2002)