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Incremental Nonlinear and Adaptive Control with Applications

Incremental Nonlinear and Adaptive Control with Applications

Qiping Chu, Erik-Jan van Kampen

ISBN: 978-1-119-24759-3

Dec 2019

496 pages

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Incremental Nonlinear and Adaptive Control introduces relatively simple, practically implementable and even certifiable nonlinear adaptive techniques. The development of these techniques originated from a need for enhanced safety, survivability and improved performance of aerospace vehicles when failure has occurred in flight. The book focuses on maturing nonlinear adaptive control techniques to a level where they are able to pass the complex certification process associated with aerospace applications. This is achieved by simplifying these techniques in terms of both implementation aspects and computational effort. The content is practical and addresses problems and solutions associated with “real world applications” (c.f. chapter 6), aimed in particular at engineers working within industry.

While the primary applications of the techniques described in this book are in the field of aerospace vehicle fault tolerant flight control, the basic concept is general enough to be applied to many other fields such as mechanical control systems and even chemical process control systems; examples are given of mechanical systems with heavy loads and unknown system uncertainties, such as nonlinear frictions controlled by electrical servo motors, hydraulic actuators and pneumatic actuators. This book is divided into two parts: basic Incremental Nonlinear Control (INC) technique, which can be applied to most nonlinear systems with insignificant time variation of uncertainties; and Incremental Nonlinear Adaptive Control (INAC), which extends the INC to its adaptive version for nonlinear systems with significant time variation of uncertainties.