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Indian Ocean Geology and Biostratigraphy: Studies Following Deep-Sea Drilling Legs

Indian Ocean Geology and Biostratigraphy: Studies Following Deep-Sea Drilling Legs

J. R. Heirtzler (Editor), H. M. Bolli (Editor), T. A. Davies (Editor), J. B. Saunders (Editor), J. G. Sclater (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66491-9

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

616 pages

Select type: O-Book


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Special Publications Series.

The Drilling Vessel GLOMAR CHALLENGER entered the Indian Ocean when she left Darwin, Australia on January 13, 1972. She traveled around that Ocean in a counterclockwise fashion drilling 72 holes at 64 sites during 7 cruises over all the major ridges and basins from the Red Sea to the Antarctic continent. She finished her work there when she eventually arrived at Christchurch, New Zealand on February 27, 1973. During this time nearly 30 km of seafloor was penetrated and much of that material was recovered and studied and is archived at the Deep Sea Drilling Project core depository.

Preface iii

Foreword iv

Chapter 1. An Introduction to Deep Sea Drilling in the Indian Ocean
John G. Sclater and James R. Heirtzler  1

Chapter 2. Paleobathymetry and sediments of the Indian Ocean
John G. Sclater, Dallas Abbott and Jorn Thiede  25

Chapter 3. Sedimentation in the Indian Ocean through time
Thomas A. Davies and Robert B. Kidd   61

Chapter 4. Volcanogenic sediments in the Indian Ocean
Tracy L. Vallier and Robert B. Kidd  87

Chapter 5. Mesozoic-Cenozoic sediments of the Eastern Indian Ocean
Peter J. Cook  119

Chapter 6. Models of the Evolution of the Eastern Indian Ocean
J. J. Veevers   151

Chapter 7. Deep sea drilling on the Ninetyeast Ridge: Synthesis and a tectonic model
Bruce P. Luyendyk   165

Chapter 8. Eastern Indian Ocean DSDP sites: Correlations  between petrography, geochemistry and tectonic setting
Fred A. Frey, John S. Dickey, Jr., Geoffrey Thompson and Wilfred B. Bryan  189

Chapter 9. Large ion lithophile elements and Sr and Pb isotopic variations in volcanic rocks from the
Indian Ocean
K. V. Subbarao, R. Hekinian and D. Chandresekharam  259

Chapter 10. Seismic velocities and elastic moduli of igneous and metamorphic rocks from the Indian
Nikolas I. Christensen   279

Chapter 11. The magnetic properties of Indian Ocean basalts
M. W. McElhinny  301

Chapter 12. Introduction to stratigraphy and paleontology
Hans M. Bolli and John B. Saunders  311

Chapter 13. Paleontological-biostratigraphical investigations, Indian Ocean sites 211-269 and 280-
282, DSDP Legs 22-29
Hans M. Bolli   325

Chapter 14. Mesozoic calcareous nannofossi!s from the Indian Ocean, DSDP legs 22 to 27
Hans R. Thierstein  339

Chapter 15. Paleocene to Eocene calcareous nannoplankton of the Indian Ocean
Franca Proto Decima  353

Chapter 16. Distribution of calcareous nannoplankton in Oligocene to Holocene sediments of the Red
Sea and the Indian Ocean reflecting paleoenvironment
Carla Muller  371

Chapter 17. Synopsis of cretaceous planktonic foraminifera  from the Indian Ocean
Rene Herb  399

Chapter 18. Maastrichtian to Eocene foraminiferal assemblages in the northern and eastern Indian
Ocean region: Correlations and historical patterns
Brian McGowran  417

Chapter 19. 01igocene plankton foraminiferal assemblages from Deep Sea Drilling Project sites in the
Indian Ocean
Robert L. Fleisher  459

Chapter 20. Indian Ocean Neogene planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy and its paleoceanographic implications
Edith Vincent  469

Chapter 21. Synthesis of the cretaceous benthonic foramini-fera recovered by the Deep Sea Drilling Project in the Indian Ocean
Viera Scheibnerova  585

Chapter 22. Neogene deep water benthonic foraminifera of the Indian Ocean
E. Boltovskoy  599