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Indians in American History: An Introduction, 2nd Edition

Indians in American History: An Introduction, 2nd Edition

Frederick E. Hoxie (Editor), Peter Iverson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-81870-1

Sep 2014, Wiley-Blackwell

320 pages


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Like its highly popular and distinctive predecessor, this new edition of Indians in American History strives to fully integrate Indians into the conventional U.S. history narrative. Meticulously reedited throughout, this beautifully illustrated book features fourteen essays by fifteen authors who speak from a variety of disciplines and perspectives.

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Contributors vii

Preface ix

Preface to the First Edition xi

Introduction, Indian/White Relations: A View from the Other Side of the "Frontier," 1
Alfonso Ortiz

Chapter One America Before Columbus 15
James A. Brown

Chapter Two The Indians' Old World: Native Americans and the Coming of Europeans 39
Neal Salisbury

Chapter Three Indians in the Colonial Spanish Borderlands 62
Henry F. Dobyns

Chapter Four Native Americans and the American Revolution: Historic Stories and Shifting Frontier Conflict 87
Kenneth M. Morrison

Chapter Five Indian Tribes and the American Constitution 105
Charles F. Wilkinson

Chapter Six Indians in Southern History 121
Theda Perdue

Chapter Seven National Expansion from the Indian Perspective 140
R. David Edmunds

Chapter Eight How the West Was Lost 156
William T. Hagan

Chapter Nine The Curious Story of Reformers and the American Indians 177
Frederick E. Hoxie

Chapter Ten Modern America and the Indian 198
Alvin M. Josephy, Jr.

Chapter Eleven The Struggle for Indian Civil Rights 218
W. Richard West, Jr. and Kevin Gover

Chapter Twelve The 1970s: New Leaders for Indian Country 255
Mark N. Trahant

Chapter Thirteen The Hearts of Nations: American Indian Women in the Twentieth Century 253
Paivi Hoikkala

Appendix 277

Index 284