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Indispensable By Monday : Learn the Profit-Producing Behaviors that will Help Your Company and Yourself



Indispensable By Monday : Learn the Profit-Producing Behaviors that will Help Your Company and Yourself

Larry Myler

ISBN: 978-0-470-58598-6 January 2010 192 Pages


Separates fact from fiction for what makes an employee indispensable

When trying to move ahead or even just keep a job, there are actions that would be of great advantage to any employee and there are strategies that are just plain stupid. Interestingly enough, the stupid strategies are used twice as frequently in corporate America. Indispensable By Monday goes beyond conventional wisdom to reveal and impart the skills and behaviors that any employee at any level of any organization can implement to bring substantial dollars to the company.

Author Larry Myler and organizational performance consulting firm VitalSmarts asked 1,800 corporate leaders to identify the bottom-line behaviors that would make employees essential to their organizations. Now, Myler distills what he learned for every employee and employer. Indispensable By Monday outlines the profit-producing behaviors that distinguish workers who add value from those who don't, such as reducing company costs, increasing income, improving key processes, bringing back lost customers and more.

Foreword (Joseph Grenny).



Part 1 Help Your Company, Help Yourself.

What’s in It for You?

What Does Indispensability Look Like?

Employed? Keep the Job You Have. . . . Unemployed? Get the Job You Want.

1,800 Business Leaders Can’t Be Wrong: What Your Boss Wants You to Do.

Do You Bring in More Than You Cost?

All Dollars Are Not Created Equal: How to Find the Most Valuable Ones.

The Resume That Speaks Volumes: Capture Your Contributions.

Death of the Suggestion Box: May It Rest in Pieces.

Part 2 Pull Money out of Thin Air.

Creating Unexpected Profit Is Always Your Best Strategy.

Profit Source 1: Yes, There Are Still Costs to Be Cut.

Profit Source 2: Ansoff Revisited—How to Harvest More Money from Customers.

Profit Source 3: Refunds and Rebates—Get ’Em While They’re Hot.

Profit Source 4: Improve Every Process and Earn by Every Improvement.

Profit Source 5: Catch Costly Mistakes Quickly, Before They Get Out the Door.

Profit Source 6: If Mistakes Do Get Out the Door, Recover Lost Customers.

Profit Source 7: Print Money at Work by Doing Your Own Job Better.

Profit Source 8: How I Spent My Summer Vacation—Finding $500,000 in New Zealand.

Profit Source 9: Supply Your Suppliers with Profit—Let Them Supply Discounts in Return.

Profit Source 10: Become Indispensable to Customers by Giving Them Money.

Profit Source 11: Improve Company Cash Flow and Become a Hero.

Profit Source 12: Give Your Company an Unexpected Competitive Advantage.

Profit Source 13: Should You Work More for Less Money or Work Less for More?

Profit Source 14: Soft Skill, Solid Results.

Part 3 Making It All Work . . . Starting Monday Morning.

Problem Solving: Generate Only the Highest Value Solutions.

The New and Improved Performance Appraisal.

If You’re in Sales, Outsell Everyone Else.

If You’re a Leader, Lead Toward Increased Profits.

Everything You Need to Know about Accounting—and It’s Not Much.

Afterword What Else Is in It for You?

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