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Industrial Design of Plastics Products

Industrial Design of Plastics Products

M. Joseph Gordon Jr.

ISBN: 978-0-471-23151-6

Oct 2002

592 pages

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Plastic product design relies on the same formulas and procedures used for the design of metal, yet plastics are unique building materials that require more in-depth knowledge to produce acceptable results. Plastic product designers must address specific quality control concerns in order to produce quality products at acceptable costs. Covering the many variables that impact the success of a plastics manufacturing program, Industrial Design of Plastics Products provides a complete resource for the efficient design and production of plastics.

Industrial Design of Plastics Products lists all steps necessary for effectively designing a plastic product for any industry. Physical properties and agency codes are listed, as well as full checklists for all areas of product design, contract, material selection, assembly techniques, manufacture, tooling, decoration, and shipping. The text also offers a list of examples with corresponding case studies to illustrate key concepts. Other features of this comprehensive volume include:

An easy-to-understand list of requirements for establishing a manufacturing program
A discussion of how material properties should be analyzed to achieve a product with the correct properties
A full set of design equations, including examples of how they should be used and considered when designing a plastic product

Successful plastic product design involves using the design team method to determine which material, mold, and process is best to manufacture a product. Industrial Design of Plastics Products provides a more detailed treatment in the basics of the subject than any other available resource, proving invaluable to design, chemical, and electrical engineers; materials scientists; and plastics manufacturers.


Introduction: Standard Plastic Terminology.

Plastic Program Analysis and Development.

Checklists for Product Design, Development, and Manufacture.

Product Manufacturing Methods.

Versatility of Design and Assembly with Plastics.

Material Property Considerations.

Property Considerations When Designing Products in Plastic.

Temperature and Electrical Property Effects on Plastics.

Design Analysis of Material Properties.

Product Design Considerations.

Structural Product Analysis.

Design for Product Performance.

Product and Tooling Design Guidelines.

Plastic Product Design and Development Program Analysis.

Appendix A: Checklist Forms.

Appendix B: Glossary of Terms Used in Design and Development of Plastic Products.

"...recommended to chemical engineers, materials scientists, technologists, and plastics manufacturers." (Polymer News)

" excellent resource of practical information covering all the critical areas of thermoplastic part development." (IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, Vol. 19, No. 4, July-August 2003)