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Industrial Emergency Preparedness

Industrial Emergency Preparedness

Robert B. Kelly

ISBN: 978-0-471-28853-4 July 1989 298 Pages


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This text provides a concise methodology for developing a comprehensive industrial program to handle major emergencies such as fires, chemical and oil spills, gas leaks, and explosions. Included is expert guidance on techniques used by many of the largest multinational industrial concerns.
The Need for Emergency Preparedness.

Natural Hazards.

Technological Hazards.

Developing Emergency Plans.

Plan Elements: Preliminaries and the Basic Plan.

Plan Elements: Prevention and Preparedness.

Plan Elements: Response and Recovery.

Evaluating, Reviewing, and Maintaining the Plan.

Integrating Facility Plans with Community Plans.

Improving Community Planning and Response Capabilities.

Community Evacuation Planning.

Emergency Training Programs.

Designing Emergency Drills and Exercises.

Developing Exercise Materials.

Conducting and Evaluating the Exercise.

Community Education and Awareness.

Dealing with the Media During Emergencies.

Emergency Facilities and Equipment.

Computers in Emergency Management.

Auditing the Emergency Preparedness Program.