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Industrial Gases Processing


Almost every modern manufacturing process relies on industrial gases, and sales of such gases are expected to rise by around 45% over the next five years.
Here, experienced and authoritative experts from one of the two world's largest producer of industrial gases impart their knowledge on atmospheric, noble and synthesized gases, carbon dioxide, LNG, acetylene and other fuel gases, as well as special and medical gases. Modern applications, e.g., the use of hydrogen in fuel cells, are included as well. This practical text is rounded off by a section on logistics.
Atmospheric Gases Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon
Noble Gases Neon, Krypton and Xenon
Noble Gas Helium
Synthesis Gas: Hydrogen, Carbonmonoxide and their Mixtures
Liquefied Natural Gas
Acetylene and Other Fuel Gases
Special Gases
Medical Gases
If you're looking for a clear, concise, but informative reference book on industrial gases, this is a good one to go for. (Chemistry & Industry; July 2008)