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Industrial Inorganic Chemistry

Industrial Inorganic Chemistry

Martin Bertau, Armin Müller, Peter Fröhlich, Michael Katzberg

ISBN: 978-3-527-69987-2

Jul 2019

1500 pages


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A clear and concise survey of industrial inorganic chemistry today, with special emphasis on ecology, raw material and energy use as well as sustainability issues.
For this third edition the new author team has thoroughly revised and updated the existing chapters to reflect ongoing industrial processes, supported by first-hand information from chemists and engineers working in the chemical industry. New or enlarged are the chapters on alkali and alkaline earth metals, rare earth metals, technical gases and precious metals. The chapter on metals and their compounds has doubled in size, while that on semiconductor and technology materials is completely new. To facilitate orientation the authors include an introductory section to each chapter, which summarizes the most important points for a certain material or material class.
1 Primary Inorganic Materials
2 Mineral Fertilizers
3 Metals and Metal Compounds
4 Semiconductor and Technology Materials
5 Organo-Silicon Compounds
6 Inorganic Solids
7 Nuclear Fuel Cycle