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Industrial Organic Chemistry, 3rd, Completely Revised Edition

Industrial Organic Chemistry, 3rd, Completely Revised Edition

Klaus Weissermel, Hans-Jürgen Arpe

ISBN: 978-3-527-61459-2 July 2008 481 Pages




'Ideal for getting an overview of applied organic chemistry'

This bestselling standard, now in its 3rd completely revised English edition, is an excellent source of technological and economic information on the most important precursors and intermediates used in the chemical industry. Right and left columns containing synopsis of the main text and statistical data, and numerous fold-out flow diagrams ensure optimal didactic presentation of complex chemical processes.
The translation into eight languages, the four German and three English editions clearly evidence the popularity of this book.

'... it is where I look first to get a quick overview of the manufacturing process of a product... Weissermel/Arpe has been serving me for years as an indispensable reference work.' (Berichte der Bunsengesellschaft für Physikalische Chemie)

'Whether student or scientist, theorist or practician - everyboby interested in industrial organic chemistry will appreciate this work.' (farbe + lack)

' should be ready to hand to every chemist or process engineer envolved directly or indirectly with industrial organic chemistry . It should be in the hand of every higher-graduate student, especially if chemical technology is not part of the study, like in many college universities...' (Tenside-Surfactants-Detergents)
Various Aspects of Energy and Raw Material Supply
Basic Products of Industrial Syntheses
Syntheses Involving Carbon Monoxide
Oxidation Products of Ethylene
Vinyl-Halogen and Vinyl-Oxigen Compounds
Components for Polyamides
Propene Conversion Products
Aromatics -
Production and Conversion
Benzene Derivatives
Oxidation Products of Xylene and Naphthalene