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Industrial Safety is Good Business: The DuPont Story

Industrial Safety is Good Business: The DuPont Story

William J. Mottel, Joseph F. Long, David E. Morrison

ISBN: 978-0-471-28628-8

May 1995

256 pages

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High productivity, high quality, high morale, and associated low absenteeism are all products of a strong safety program. In the company's operational meetings, from the office of the chairman down through the daily reports from manufacturing plants, the first item of business is always safety performance. Behind DuPont's commitment to safety is a series of principles and beliefs:
* Management at every level is responsible for preventing injuries and illnesses.
* Safety must be a part of every employee's training.
* People are the most important element of a safety and health program.
Safety in a Rapidly Changing Industrial World.

The Dupont Safety Story.

General Application of Safety Principles.

Process Safety Management.

Product Safety Management.

Industrial Safety and the Plant Community.

Safety and Productivity.

Safety Within Growing Global Competition.

Nuclear Energy--Special Problems, Special Solutions.

Safety and the Environment.

Conclusions--A Management Guide.


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