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Infection Control: Science, Management and Practice



Infection Control: Science, Management and Practice

Janet McCulloch

ISBN: 978-1-861-56053-7 October 2000 412 Pages


This book examines the science, management and practice of the control of infection. The early part of the book is concerned with the science of infection control, providing the underpinning knowledge base as well as information regarding the laboratory services which will be of practical help to the reader. The book then discusses the role of the Infection Control Team, outbreak control and policy issues that are required in order to maintain a safe environment.

The second half of the book concentrates on the practical application of the previously described principles to the reduction of infection risks and management of known infections in a range of clinical and social situations. The book reflects the current dynamics in health care provision and will equip the reader with the knowledge base to develop their skills in the control of infection in a variety of healthcare settings.

Introduction to the immune system.

Introduction to microbiology and virology.

Role of the infection control team.

Managing outbreaks of infection.

Design of new and refurbished buildings.

Waste management.

Laundry issues.

Food hygiene.


Standard setting and audi.

Immuno-suppressed patients.

Mother and child infections.

Sexually transmitted infections.

Gastro-intestinal infections.

Blood-borne infections.

Catheterisation and urinary tract infection.

Cannula associated infection.

Wound infection.

Respiratory infection.

Management of known infection.