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Infectious Diseases: A Geographic Guide, 2nd Edition



Infectious Diseases: A Geographic Guide, 2nd Edition

Eskild Petersen (Editor), Lin Hwei Chen (Editor), Patricia Schlagenhauf-Lawlor (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-08574-4 February 2017 Wiley-Blackwell 520 Pages

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The second edition of this concise and practical guide describes infections in geographical areas and provides information on disease risk, concomitant infections (such as co-prevalence of HIV and tuberculosis) and emerging bacterial, viral and parasitic infections in a given geographical area of the world.
  • Geographic approach means that it’s the only book to guide the health care worker towards a diagnosis based on the location of symptoms and travel history by encouraging the question “where have you been?”
  • New content covering MERS, Ebola, Zika, and infections transmitted during air and maritime travel
  • Covers the major infectious disease outbreaks framed in their geographic setting such as  H7N9 “bird flu” influenza, H1N1, Ebola, and Zika
  • Outstanding international editor team with vast experience on various international infectious disease and as journal editors and key leaders in infection surveillance

List of contributors, viii

Foreword to the first edition by Alan J. Magill (deceased), xv

Foreword to the second edition by Jay S. Keystone, xvii

Preface, xix

Envoi, xxi

1 Historical overview of global infectious diseases and geopolitics, 1
Francis. E.G. Cox and Frank J. Bia

2 Nontraditional infectious diseases surveillance systems, 12
Davidson H. Hamer, Kamran Khan, Matthew German, and Lawrence C. Madoff

3 Air travel−which infectious disease control measures are worthwhile?, 25
Karen J. Marienau

4 Infectious illnesses on cruise and cargo ships, 35
Joanna J. Regan, J. Scott Vega, and Clive M. Brown

5 Microbes on the move: prevention, required vaccinations, curtailment, outbreak, 45
Patricia Schlagenhauf-Lawlor, Giles Poumerol, and Francisco Santos-O’Connor

6 Diagnostic tests and procedures, 55
Eskild Petersen and Tom Boyles

7 Central Africa, 78
Gerd D. Burchard and Martin P. Grobusch

8 East Africa: Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands, 93
Philippe Gautret and Philippe Parola

9 Eastern Africa, 104
Andreas Neumayr and Christoph Hatz

10 North Africa, 124
Philippe Gautret, Nadjet Mouffok, and Philippe Parola

11 Southern Africa, 137
Marc Mendelson, Olga Perovic, and Lucille Blumberg

12 West Africa, 154
Boubacar Maiga and Patrick Ayeh-Kumi

13 East Asia, 167
Bin Cao, Fei Zhou, and Mikio Kimura

14 South Central Asia, 185
Holy Murphy, Gulzhan Abuova, and Prativa Pandey

15 South-east Asia, 203
Daniel H. Paris and Nicholas J. White

16 Western Asia and the Middle East, 220
Jaffar A. Al-Tawfiq, Seif S. Al-Abri, and Ziad A. Memish

17 Eastern Europe, 235
Natalia Pshenichnaya, Malgorzata Paul, and Alexander Erovichenkov

18 Northern Europe, 257
Birgitta Evengard, Audrone Marcinkute, and Eskild Petersen

19 Southern Europe, 269
Francesco Castelli, Androula Pavli, and Pier Francesco Giorgetti

20 Western Europe, 278
Peter J. de Vries and Eric Caumes

21 The Caribbean, 302
Elizabeth A. Talbot and Laura E. Shevy

22 Central America, 317
Larry I. Lutwick and Alfonso J. Rodriguez-Morales

23 South America, 335
Rodrigo Nogueira Angerami, Luiz Jacintho da Silva, and Alfonso J. Rodriguez-Morales

24 Northern America, 356
Barbra M. Blair, Philip R. Fischer, Michael Libman, and Lin H. Chen

25 Australia, New Zealand, 375
Karin Leder, Joseph Torresi, and Marc Shaw

26 Oceania, 390
Karin Leder, Joseph Torresi, and Marc Shaw

27 Arctic and Antarctica, 404
Anders Koch, Michael G. Bruce, and Karin Ladefoged

28 The immunosuppressed patient, 419
Brian T. Montague, Christopher M. Salas, Terri L. Montague, and Maria D. Mileno

29 Emerging infections, 446
Mary E. Wilson

30 Migration and the geography of disease, 459
Rogelio López-Vélez, Francesca F. Norman, and José-Antonio Pérez-Molina

31 Climate change and the geographical distribution of infectious diseases, 470
Ashwin Swaminathan, Elvina Viennet, Anthony J. McMichael, and David Harley

List of abbreviations, 481

Index, 484

"This is the second edition of the only book that currently approaches patients based on geography and type and duration of symptoms. It presents the information in an easy-to-read format and has many tables dividing the diseases into common, less common, and rare. This is a welcome update that covers several emerging diseases such as MERS and Zika viral infections and includes two new chapters describing infections acquired during sea and air travel" Winnie Ooi, MD, MPH, DMD, Harvard Medical School on belahlf of Doody’s