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Infectious Diseases of Wild Mammals and Birds in Europe

Infectious Diseases of Wild Mammals and Birds in Europe

Dolorés Gavier-Widen (Editor), Anna Meredith (Editor), J. Paul Duff (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-34244-2 July 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 568 Pages

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Infectious Diseases of Wild Mammals and Birds in Europe is a key resource on the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases in European wildlife that covers the distinctive nature of diseases as they occur in Europe, including strains, insect vectors, reservoir species, and climate, as well as geographical distribution of the diseases and European regulations for reporting, diagnosis and control. Divided into sections on viral infections, bacterial infections, fungal and yeast infections, and prion infections, this definitive reference provides valuable information on disease classification and properties, causative agents, epidemiology, pathogenesis, and implications for human, domestic and wild animal health.

Key features:
• Brings together extensive research from many different disciplines into one integrated and highly useful definitive reference.
• Zoonotic risks to human health, as well as risks to pets and livestock are highlighted.
• Each disease is covered separately with practical information on the animal species in which the disease has been recorded, clinical signs of the disease, diagnostic methods, and recommended treatments and vaccination.
• Wildlife vaccination and disease surveillance techniques are described.
• Examines factors important in the spread of disease such as changing climate, the movement of animals through trade, and relaxations in the control of wide animal populations.

Notes on Contributors  vii

Preface  xi

Cover Image Acknowledgements  xiii

Acknowledgements  xiv

Section 1 Viral Infections  1

1. Herpesvirus Infections  3

2. Influenza Virus Infections 37

3. Avian Paramyxovirus Infections  59

4. Circovirus Infections 67

5. Calicivirus Infections  73

6. Lyssavirus Infections  86

7. Morbillivirus Infections  99

8. Orbivirus Infections  119

9. Flavivirus Infections  128

10. Pestivirus Infections  146

11. Picornavirus Infections  168

12. Parvovirus Infections  181

13. Poxvirus Infections  191

14. Adenovirus Infections  210

15. Retrovirus Infections  219

16. Papillomavirus and Polyomavirus Infections  225

17. Coronavirus Infections  234

18. Bunyavirus Infections  241

19. Other Virus Infections  249

Section 2 Bacterial Infections  263

20. Mycobacteria Infections  265

21. Yersinia Infections 293

22. Tularaemia  303

23. Pasteurella Infections  310

24. Brucellosis  318

25. Anthrax  329

26. Chlamydiaceae Infections  336

27. Borrelia Infections  345

28. Rickettsiales Infections  363

29. Mycoplasma Infections  372

30. Escherichia Infections 381

31. Salmonella Infections  386

32. Campylobacter Infections 398

33. Leptospira Infections  402

34. Coxiella burnetii Infection  409

35. Listeria Infections  413

36. Clostridium Species and Botulism  417

37. Other Bacterial Infections  428

Section 3 Fungal and Yeast Infections  453

38. Aspergillosis  455

39. Yeast Infections  462

40. Other Fungal Infections  466

41. Harmful Algal Blooms including Cyanobacterial Toxicosis 476

42. Mycotoxicosis  482

Section 4 Prion Infections  487

43. Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies  489

Section 5 Appendices 497

Appendix 1. Some Wildlife Related Emerging Diseases (WiREDS) in Europe  499

Appendix 2. Selected Zoonotic Pathogens with European Wildlife Reservoirs/Hosts  501

Appendix 3. Selected Socio-Economically Important Wildlife Related Pathogens and Diseases in Europe  503

Appendix 4. Wildlife Pathogens with Arthropod Vectors 505

Appendix 5. Pathogens Suspected of Causing Wild Population Declines, or of Conservation Importance  506

Appendix 6. Diseases by Clinical Presentations, Mammals  507

Appendix 7. Diseases by Clinical Presentations, Birds 509

Appendix 8. Species (Family)-Specific Wildlife Diseases in Europe  511

Subject Index  513

This book provides the scientific community working with free-living wildlife a comprehensive resource on the diseases affecting these animals in Europe.  However, it is also a useful resource for wildlife professionals globally as much of the information is applicable regardless of location."  (Doody's, 2 August 2013)

“I have already learned lots while reviewing it, and I would thoroughly recommend this to be on the bookshelf of any vet or biologist with a significant interest in wildlife, conservation or zoological medicine.  In addition, it is also available in electronic format for approximately two-thirds the price, representing not only good value, but also an ideal format for taking into the field where it would be extremely useful.”  (Veterinary Record, 23 March 2013)

“Dolores Gavier-Widen, J. Paul Duff & Anna Meredith edit INFECTIOUS DISEASES OF WILD MAMMALS AND BIRDS IN EUROPE (9781405199056, $169.99), a key title covering the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in European wildlife, and is a recommended pick for any specialty collection strong in veterinary experiences around the world. From risks to human health and livestock and pets to how diseases spread in the wild, wildlife vaccination and disease surveillance techniques, and classification, this is written by clinicians and pathologists from across Europe and assembles a powerful technical compendium of details for vets, conservation biologists, and wildlife researchers alike.”  (Midwest Book Review, 1 March 2013)