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Inferno Programming with Limbo

Inferno Programming with Limbo

Phillip Stanley-Marbell

ISBN: 978-0-470-84352-9

May 2003

372 pages

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The first complete developer's guide to this exciting new breakthrough technology.

The Inferno operating system is ideal for building interactive applications for set-top boxes, PDAs, palm-tops, and other networked devices that have limited computing resources, but need to handle multimedia such as streaming audio and video. This book provides a comprehensive guide to this technology.

* Written by the host of the Inferno/Limbo FAQ
*This is the first complete developer's guide to building Inferno applications with Limbo
*Each chapter lists common programming pitfalls to avoid
*Each chapter also features an in-depth analysis of a complete sample application that uses the particular concepts covered in it



An Overview of Limbo.

Data Types.

Using Modules.

System I/O.

Programming with Threads.


Styx Servers.


Cryptographic Facilities.


Appendix A Limbo Language Grammar.

Appendix B Module Reference.

Appendix C Selected Manual Pages.