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Influence: Gaining Commitment, Getting Results

Influence: Gaining Commitment, Getting Results

Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), David Baldwin, Curt Grayson

ISBN: 978-1-118-15526-4

Aug 2011, Pfeiffer

31 pages


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Influence is an essential component of leadership. Your position in an organization and the power it gives you aren’t always enough to motivate people to do what you ask. Developing your influence skills can help you gain commitment from people at all levels: direct reports, peers, and bosses. This book includes an assessment tool to help you determine the influence tactics you currently use. Some tactics depend on logic, others appeal to emotions, and others are cooperative appeals. You may discover tactics you rarely use, and you can develop those tactics to become more effective. You will learn what to do before, during, and after an influence session. Every influence attempt can become a learning experience, and you can continue to enhance this crucial leadership capability.
7 Why Influence?

10 Whom Do You Influence?

12 Influence Tactics

15 Which Influence Tactics Do You Use?

16 How Situation Affects Influence

Setting Your Goals

Identifying Benefits and Challenges

Developing Your Influence Session Script

Conducting an Influence Session

Reflecting on Your Influence Session

27 Conclusion

29 Suggested Readings

31 Background

32 Key Point Summary