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Influence Without Authority, 2nd Edition

Influence Without Authority, 2nd Edition

Allan R. Cohen, David L. Bradford

ISBN: 978-0-471-46330-6

Mar 2005

320 pages


In organizations today, getting work done requires political and collaborative skills. That’s why the first edition of this book has been widely adopted as a guide for consultants, project leaders, staff experts, and anyone else who does not have direct authority but who is nevertheless accountable for results. In this revised edition, leadership gurus Allan Cohen and David Bradford explain how to get cooperation from those over whom you have no official authority by offering them help in the form of the “currencies” they value. This classic work, now revised and updated, gives you powerful techniques for cutting through interpersonal and interdepartmental barriers, and motivating people to lend you their support, time, and resources.
Part I: Introduction.

Chapter 1: Why Influence: What You Will Get from This Book.

Part II: The Influence Model.

Chapter 2: The Influence Model: Trading What They Want for What You’ve Got (Using Reciprocity and Exchange).

Chapter 3: Goods and Services: The Currencies of Exchange.

Chapter 4: How to Know What They Want: Understanding Their Worlds (and the Forces Acting on Them).

Chapter 5: You Have More to Offer Than You Think if You Know Your Goals, Priorities, and Resources (The Dirty Little Secret about Power).

Chapter 6: Building Effective Relationships: The Art of Finding and Developing Your Allies.

Chapter 7: Strategies for Making Mutually Profitable Trades.

Part III: Practical Applications of Influence.

Chapter 8: Influencing Your Boss.

Chapter 9: Influencing Difficult Subordinates.

Chapter 10: Working Cross Functionally: Leading and Influencing a Team, Task Force, or Committee.

Chapter 11: Influencing Organizational Groups, Departments, and Divisions.

Chapter 12: Influencing Colleagues.

Chapter 13: Initiating or Leading Major Change.

Chapter 14: Indirect Influence.

Chapter 15: Understanding and Overcoming Organizational Politics.

Chapter 16: Hardball: Escalating to Tougher Strategies When You Can No Longer Catch Flies with Honey.

Appendix A: Extended Case Examples Available on the Web.

Appendix B: Additional Resources.