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Influence Without Authority, 3rd Edition

Allan R. Cohen, David L. Bradford

ISBN: 978-1-119-34751-4 September 2017 320 Pages


Get what you need to achieve your objectives and produce results

Influence Without Authority is the classic guide to getting what you need from people you don't control. Getting things done requires collaboration, and convincing others to contribute requires political skill; this book introduces the Exchange Model, in which you get what you need by offering something of value in return. The key lies in knowing what the other person values—that's their "currency," and it's your immediate tool for coaxing their cooperation. This model has been proven over decades, as organizations around the world have turned away from frustration and resignation toward collaboration and results. This book shows you how to implement the Exchange Model at the personal, team, and organizational level to raise the bar for performance and leadership.

This new third edition has been updated reflect the changing face of the workplace, and includes new examples and information on geographically dispersed virtual teams. Supplementary materials facilitate classroom and training use with discussions, role-play, videos, and other ancillaries that deepen understanding and promote practical application.

  • Get what you need from the people who have it through mutual exchange
  • Think in terms of interest, and pinpoint the "currencies" other people trade in
  • Apply the Exchange Model across entire organizations to lead major change
  • Learn practical real-world strategies for influencing those you do not control

The ability to influence those not under your authority is becoming ever more valuable. Organizations are flattening, and outside contractors are taking on larger roles than ever before—getting results now means lateral cooperation, often across borders, time zones, organizations, and more. Influence Without Authority provides a proven model for success in this new environment, with expert guidance for real-world application.

Aaron Levie and Dan Levin


Part I—Introduction

Chapter 1 Why Influence: What You Will Get from This Book

Part II—The Influence Model

Chapter 2 The Influence Model: Trading What They Want for What You’ve Got (Using Reciprocity and Exchange)

Chapter 3 Goods and Services: The Currencies of Exchange

Chapter 4 How to Know What They Want: Understanding Their Worlds (and the Forces Acting on Them)

Chapter 5 You Have More to Offer Than You Think if You Know Your Goals, Priorities, and Resources

Chapter 6 Building Effective Relationships: The Art of Finding and Developing Your Allies

Chapter 7 Strategies for Making Mutually Profitable Trades

Part III—Practical Applications of Influence

Chapter 8 Gender and Influence; Beyond Stereotypes (Co-Author, Nan Langowitz)

Chapter 9 Influencing Your Boss

Chapter 10 Working Cross Functionally: Leading and Influencing a Team, Task Force, or Committee

Chapter 11 Influencing Organizational Groups, Departments, and Divisions

Chapter 12 Can You Hear Me: Influencing at a Distance

Chapter 13 Influencing Difficult Colleagues

Chapter 14 Initiating or Leading Major Change

Chapter 15 Understanding and Overcoming Organizational Politics

Chapter 16 Hardball: Escalating to Tougher Strategies When You Can No Longer Catch Flies with Honey

Appendix A: Extended Case Examples and Other Supplementary Material Available on the Web

Appendix B: Additional Resources