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Information Architecture with XML: A Management Strategy

Information Architecture with XML: A Management Strategy

Peter Brown

ISBN: 978-0-470-85771-7 October 2003 344 Pages




One of the only books on this subject to focus on XML's value as a business tool rather than the technology.

This book deals with important management issues and focuses on demonstrating XML's value as a business tool. It emphasizes processes and business logic, and will show you how to go about introducing this technology and what must be done to achieve a smooth implementation.
* Offers a management driven approach to XML-based information systems architecture
* Discusses important related standards such as RDF, topic maps, and XML
* Schema
* Describes the building blocks of an XML-based architecture
* Provides a blueprint for an organizational model of the roles and responsibilities of those involved in setting up an XML-based architecture
* Presents a management framework and methodology for developing XML-based information systems



Information Management.

Why XML?

Developing a Management Strategy.

Foundations of an XML Framework.

Building on the Foundations.

Mapping the Old to the New.

Building Momentum.

Application Development.

Content Management.

Process Management and 'Web Services'.

Delivery Management.

Navigation Strategies.



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“...The author…speaks from a wealth of experience…” (ACCU, 13TH February 2005)