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Information Processing Biases and Anxiety: A Developmental Perspective

Information Processing Biases and Anxiety: A Developmental Perspective

Julie A. Hadwin (Editor), Andy P. Field (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-66146-8

Mar 2010

342 pages


With contributions from a global team of experts this book provides a comprehensive overview of information processing biases in children and adolescents.
  • The first book to provide readers with an understanding of anxiety and the role of information processing biases more broadly in the context of developmental psychopathology
  • Demonstrates how researchers have explored diverse aspects of information processing in anxious children and adolescents
  • Draws on the microparadigms used in the study of development and psychopathology to consider issues related to heritability, temperament, learning and parenting
  • Considers preventative methods and treatment protocols
List of Contributors.


1. An Introduction to the Study of Information Processing Biases in Childhood Anxiety: Theoretical and Methodological Issues (Julie A. Hadwin and Andy P. Field).

Theoretical and Research Issues.

2. Anxiety-Related Reasoning Biases in Children and Adolescents (Peter Muris).

3. The Emotional Stroop Task in Anxious Children (Zoë C. Nightingale, Andy P. Field and Merel Kindt).

4. Selective Attention to Threat in Childhood Anxiety: Evidence from Visual Probe Paradigms (Matthew Garner).

5. The Use of Visual Search Paradigms to Understand Attentional Biases in Childhood Anxiety (Nick Donnelly, Julie A. Hadwin, Tamaryn Menneer and Helen J. Richards).

6. Using Eye Tracking Methodology in Children with Anxiety Disorders (Tina In-Albon and Silvia Schneider).

7. The Assessment of Fear-Related Automatic Associations in Children and Adolescents (Jorg Huijding, Reinout W. Wiers and Andy P. Field).

8. Application of Cognitive Neuroscience Techniques to the Study of Anxiety-Related Processing Biases in Children (Koraly Pérez-Edgar and Yair Bar-Haim).

The Origin and Treatment of Information Processing Biases in Child Anxiety.

9. Genetics (Thalia C. Eley and Helena M.S. Zavos)

10. Temperamental Factors Associated with the Acquisition of Information Processing Biases and Anxiety (Lauren K. White, Sarah M. Helfinstein and Nathan A. Fox).

11. Learning of Information Processing Biases in Anxious Children and Adolescents (Andy P. Field and Kathryn J. Lester).

12. Intergenerational Transmission of Anxious Information Processing Biases (Cathy Creswell, Peter Cooper and Lynne Murray).

13. Attentional Biases in Children: Implications for Treatment (Maria J.W. Cowart and Thomas H. Ollendick)