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Information Storage and Retrieval

Information Storage and Retrieval

Robert R. Korfhage

ISBN: 978-0-471-14338-3

Jun 1997

368 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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The way information is stored, retrieved and displayed is changing. Simple bibliographic databases are giving way to unregulated and unorganized multimedia data repositories, which can give the user great difficulty when searching for information. A methodology is needed to keep all of this information in its various forms retrievable. This is the first modern survey of the field of information storage and retrieval to discuss how to work with information in all its varying forms. It shows information professionals how to handle full-text, graphics, video and audio, and how to distribute these massive databases over networks.

Document and Query Forms.

Query Structures.

The Matching Process.

Text Analysis.

User Profiles and Their Use.

Multiple Reference Point Systems.

Retrieval Effectiveness Measures.

Effectiveness Improvement Techniques.

Alternative Retrieval Techniques.

Output Presentation.

Document Access.

The Ectosystem and Policy Issues.



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