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Information Systems: Achieving Success by Avoiding Failure

Information Systems: Achieving Success by Avoiding Failure

Joyce Fortune, Geoff Peters

ISBN: 978-0-470-86255-1

Mar 2005

234 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Learning from Failure offers tools for learning from failure in the design, implementation, and operation of computer and information systems. Using real-life examples, it covers the causes of failure--from projects with unacceptable performance and design problems to projects that come in late and over budget--and offers real solutions that help business leaders and IT specialists learn from past mistakes, rather than repeat them.

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1. Opportunities for Learning.

2. What is an Information System Failure?

3. Chalk and Cheese.

4. Systems Concepts.


6. The Systems Failures Approach Part 1: From Situation to System.

7. The Systems Failures Approach Part 2: Comparison and Synthesis.

8. Information Systems in Practice.

9. Using the Approach to Look Forward: Electronic Patient Records.

10. Other Approaches to Understanding IS Failures.


"For those involved in the review of major is essential."  (Journal of the Operational Research Society, 59)
  • Presents a proven analytical method for learning from past IT failures.
  • Uses real-world examples from actual companies.