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Information Technology Security and Risk Management

Information Technology Security and Risk Management

Jill Slay, Andy Koronios

ISBN: 978-0-470-80574-9

Feb 2006

368 pages

Select type: Paperback

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IT Security and Risk Management is an original textbook written for undergraduate subjects on IT and e-business security, usually offered under a MIS, IT or eBusiness degree program. The text addresses the business implications and requirements of security rather than presenting a technical, programming approach that is generally aligned to studying computer science.

This new text address security technology and systems, issues associated with risk minimization and management when implementing security systems, legal and regulatory requirements, basic Cryptography and Public Key Infrastructure, ethics, forensics and fraud, and the intrinsic relationship between business strategy and security systems, such as electronic payment systems, supply chain management and internal/external firewalls.

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Chapter 1 An introduction to strategic IT security and risk management.

Chapter 2: Building blocks of IT security.

Chapter 3 The Australian ethical, legal, and standards framework.

Chapter 4: Electronic crime and forensic computing.

Chapter 5: Basic cryptography and public key infrastructure.

Chapter 6: Securing the network.

Chapter 7 Securing network operations, databases and applications.

Chapter 8 Strategies for e-business security.

Chapter 9 Mobile and wireless security.

Chapter 10: Security of web services.

Chapter 11 Emerging issues in IT security.

  • Business management approach rather than computer technology orientation
  • Strong security management focus with informative approach to technology and current security issues.
  • Considers wider business application and value of IS Security making the text more relevant to students with general technical and business knowledge.