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Information Technology for Management: Digital Strategies for Insight, Action, and Sustainable Performance, 10th Edition


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Information Technology for Management: Digital Strategies for Insight, Action, and Sustainable Performance, 10th Edition


Information Technology for Management by Turban, Volonino, and Wood engages students with up-to-date coverage of the most important IT trends today.  Over the years, this leading IT textbook had distinguished itself with an emphasis on illustrating the use of cutting edge business technologies for achieving managerial goals and objectives.

The 10th Edition continues this tradition with coverage of emerging trends in Mobile Computing and Commerce, IT virtualization, Social Media, Cloud Computing and the Management and Analysis of Big Data along with advances in more established areas of Information Technology.

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Part 1: Digital Technology Trends Transforming How Business is Done

Chapter 1: Doing Business in Digital Times

Chapter 2: Data Governance and IT Architecture Support Long-Term Performance

Chapter 3: Data Management, Big Data Analytics & Records Management

Chapter 4: Networks for Efficient Operations and Sustainability

Chapter 5: CyberSecurity and Risk Management

Part 2: Winning, Engaging, and Retaining Consumers with Technology

Chapter 6: Attracting Buyers with Search, Semantic, and Recommendation Technology

Chapter 7: Social Networking, Engagement and Social Metrics

Chapter 8: Retail, E-commerce and Mobile Commerce Technology

Part 3: Optimizing Performance with Enterprise Systems and Analytics

Chapter 9: Effective and Efficient Business Functions

Chapter 10: Strategic Technology and Enterprise Systems

Chapter 11: Data Visualization and Geographic Information Systems

Part 4: Managing Business Relationships, Projects, and Codes of Ethics

Chapter 12: IT Strategy and Balanced Scorecard

Chapter 13: Project Management and SDLC

Chapter 14: Ethical Risks and Responsibilities of IT Innovations

  • More Project Management with Templates: Students are given templates for writing a project business case, statement of work (SOW), and work breakdown structure (WBS). Also, critical project management issues include the following: project post-mortem, responsibility matrix, go/no go decision factors, and the role of the user community.
  • New Technologies and Expanded Topics: With more purchases and transactions starting online and attention being a scarce resource, students learn how search, semantic, and recommendation technologies function and improve revenue. The value of Internet of Things (IoT) has grown significantly as a result of the compound impact of connecting people, processes, data, and things.
  • Easier to Grasp Concepts: With models and text graphics for each opening case (the authors’ version of infographics) learning is easier and longer-lasting.
  • Each chapter contains numerous case studies and real world examples illustrating how businesses increase productivity, improve efficiency, enhance communication and collaboration, and gain a competitive edge through the use of ITs. Faculty will appreciate a variety of options for reinforcing student learning, that include three Case Studies per chapter, including an opening case, a business case and a video case.

  • IT at Work boxes spotlight real-world cases and innovative uses of IT.

  • Tech Note boxes explore topics such as “4G and 5G Networks in 2018” and “Data transfers to mainframes.”

  • Career Insight boxes highlight different jobs in the IT for management field.

  • Analyze and Decide questions help students apply IT concepts to business decisions.

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