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Information Theory in Analytical Chemistry

Information Theory in Analytical Chemistry

Karel Eckschlager , Klaus Danzer

ISBN: 978-0-471-59507-6

May 1994

275 pages

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Demonstrates how the information theory approach to experimental data can be of benefit not only to analytical chemists but to all those using these techniques in the decision making process. Deals with information-theoretic fundamentals as well as with practical aspects. Discusses the system nature of analysis which is of particular importance in multicomponent analysis.
The Aim of Analytical Chemistry.

Basic Concepts of Information Theory.

Identification of Components.

Qualitative Analysis.

Quantitative Analysis.

Multicomponent Analysis.

Optimum Analytical Strategies.

Quality Assurance.

Distribution Analysis: Microanalysis, Surface Analysis, and Scanning Methods.

Structure Analysis.

Chemometrics: Information Amount of Multivariate Data Analysis.

Information Theory--Theoretical Basis of Analytical Chemistry?