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Informative Writing, Teacher Guide, Grades 9-12

Informative Writing, Teacher Guide, Grades 9-12

PCG Education

ISBN: 978-1-119-22953-7

Jun 2016, Jossey-Bass

312 pages


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Paths to College and Career

Jossey-Bass and PCG Education are proud to bring the Paths to College and Career English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum and professional development resources for grades 6–12 to educators across the country. Originally developed for EngageNY and written with a focus on the shifts in instructional practice and student experiences the standards require, Paths to College and Career includes daily lesson plans, guiding questions, recommended texts, scaffolding strategies and other classroom resources.

The Paths Writing Units, Argument Writing, Informative Writing, and Narrative Writing, complement the full instructional program and can also be used independently, providing in-depth writing instruction to support all students in grades 9–12 in meeting grade level standards. To emphasize the relationship between reading and writing, each Writing Unit includes accessible model texts that exemplify key elements of each text type, and source texts that provide a topic for the unit writing assignment. Individual lessons guide students through the writing process, providing instruction on grammar and conventions and highlighting collaboration and reflection as key elements of effective writing. Students' final essays are assessed using a checklist developed by the class over the course of the unit.

The organization and distinctive content of the model and source texts in each unit afford teachers the flexibility to implement each unit independently of the others, and at any point during the curriculum. For example, a unit may be implemented to assess students' writing prior to implementation of the standard curriculum, to scaffold writing instruction leading into a writing assessment, or to support struggling writers by addressing gaps in skills as demonstrated in previous assessments.

The Paths Writing Units provide teachers with invaluable opportunities to engage students as active participants in their own learning at every stage of the writing process, and to customize instruction to meet the varying needs of all students.

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About the Paths to College and Career Writing Units vii

Informative Writing 1

Unit Overview 1

Cave Painting 11

A Brief History of Photography 14

How Iron Maiden Actually Made Money from People Stealing the Band’s Music 16

Grappling with the ‘Culture of Free’ in Napster’s Aftermath 18

How You Turn Music into Money in 2012 21

With a Tap of Taylor Swift’s Fingers, Apple Retreated 23

Ed Sheeran Talks Spotify Royalties 26

Lesson 1 Informative Writing Model 28

Lesson 2 Informative Writing Model 40

Lesson 3 Informative Writing Prompt Analysis 54

Lesson 4 Reading Sources 68

Lesson 5 Reading Sources 81

Lesson 6 Planning: Prewriting 92

Lesson 7 Planning: Outlining 98

Lesson 8 Drafting: Body Paragraphs 105

Lesson 9 Drafting: Introduction 115

Lesson 10 Drafting: Conclusion 123

Lesson A Integrating Evidence from Sources 134

Lesson B Audience, Style, and Tone 160

Lesson C Working with Words 175

Lesson D Cohesion and Flow 191

Lesson E Varying Sentence Length 209

Lesson F Ensuring Sentence Accuracy 224

Lesson G Adding Variety and Interest 238

Lesson 11 Peer Review 253

Lesson 12 Editing 264

Lesson 13 Refl ection Activity 275