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Infrared Technology: Applications to Electro-Optics, Photonic Devices and Sensors



Infrared Technology: Applications to Electro-Optics, Photonic Devices and Sensors

Animesh R. Jha

ISBN: 978-0-471-35033-0 September 2000 480 Pages


A complete reference guide to the theory, design, and applications of infrared technology

Rapid advances in infrared (IR), photonic, and electrooptic technologies have given rise to sophisticated sensors with important commercial, industrial, and military applications-from remote sensing, surveillance, and high-resolution TV to home security systems. This book provides scientists and engineers with a comprehensive, state-of-the-art guide to the analysis and development of IR, photonic, and electrooptical devices and systems for specific applications. Well-known industry expert A. R. Jha compiles and consolidates the latest data on IR sources and systems, presenting fully referenced technical information plus numerical examples illustrating performance parameters and design aspects for an amazingly broad array of applications. Basic IR theory is also provided. Coverage includes:
* Transmission characteristics of optical signals through the atmosphere, including effects of scattering, absorption, turbulence, and diffraction
* Performance characteristics and capabilities of various IR sources, including state-of-the-art laser technologies
* Performance capabilities of IR detectors and focal planar arrays (FPAs) as well as passive and active IR and electronic devices
* Potential and existing applications in such diverse fields as medicine, telecommunications, space research, missile systems, and defense IR signature analysis and measurement techniques
Infrared Radiation Theory.

Transmission Characteristics of IR Signals in Atmosphere.

Potential IR Sources.

Detectors and Focal Planar Arrays.

Infrared Passive Devices and Electrooptic Components.

IR Active Devices and Components.

Application of Infrared and Photonic Technologies in Commercial and Industrial Devices and Systems.

Application of Infrared and Photonic Technologies in Medicine, Telecommunications, and Space.

Application of Photonic and Infrared Technologies for Space and Military Sensors.

IR Signature Analysis and Countermeasure Techniques.

Future Applications of IR and Photonic Technologies and Requirements for Auxiliary Equipment.