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Inherit More

Inherit More

Martin M. Shenkman

ISBN: 978-0-471-42116-0

Jun 2003

288 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Bestselling author and estate-planning expert Martin Shenkman helps you INHERIT MORE

Elderly parents and benefactors need your help, and helping them can also preserve the largest financial windfall of your life-an inheritance. Finally, there's a book that answers all your questions. Inherit More is the straightforward, practical guide to keeping more of what's rightfully yours. It also helps you broach a difficult subject with your loved ones. It provides sensitive advice on talking to parents and practical guidance for dealing with family, financial, and other issues critical to every benefactor and critical to preserving your inheritance. Caring children of any age will find proven, world-class counsel on dealing with every major inheritance problem, including:
* Honoring your parents' requests and making them comfortable addressing a plan
* Resolving and avoiding issues between heirs
* Finding the right insurance to safeguard your parents and their assets
* Helping your parents invest properly
* How your parents can distribute jewelry without the children fighting
* Helping an elderly or ill parent locate missing assets
* Dealing with lawyers

Estate-planning expert and tax accountant Martin Shenkman also offers six simple steps you can take now to help your parents and safeguard your inheritance for the future. Dealing with issues of inheritance can be a difficult and emotional experience. That's why Inherit More offers the thoughtful, proven advice to help you get through tough times with as little distress as possible.
1. Why Inherit More?

2. Talking to Your Parents.

3. Second (and Later) Spouses Can Destroy Your Inheritance.

4. Does Your Parents Have the Right Insurance Coverage?

5. Are Your Parents' Assets Managed and Invested Appropriately?

6. How Do Your Parents Own Their Assets:  Judging a Book by Its Cover.

7. Jewelry, Vacation Homes, Family Apartments, and Other Tough-to-Divide Assets.

8. Identifying Hidden Assets.

9. Do Not Overlook the Paperwork.

10. Medicaid Nursing Home Costs.

11. Estate, Gift, and Other Taxes That Can Decimate Your Inheritance.

12. Is Your Mom's Lawyer Billing Excessive Fees and Expenses?

13. Dealing with Will Contests and Lawsuits.

14. Preventing Your Ex-Spouse from Runs Off with Your Inherited Assets.

15. Inherit the Best Way Possible—A Lifetime Trust.

16. Safeguarding Your Inheritance.