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Innovation and Financial Markets

Innovation and Financial Markets

Christophe Dispas, Benoit Gailly

ISBN: 978-1-786-30066-9

Sep 2021, Wiley-ISTE

Select type: Hardcover


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Combining insights from academic research and practical examples, this book aims to better understand the link between financial markets and innovation management. First, we are back to the very definition of innovation and what it means for financial and non-financial companies. Then, we analyze if efficient innovation management by companies is recognized and valued by financial markets. Finally, we focus on innovation within the financial sector: does it really create value outside the financial sector itself. Are Financial innovations value … or risk creators?


Part I: Understanding Innovation

Chapter 1: Innovation and its challenges for the company

Chapter 2: How can companies develop their innovation capacity?

Chapter 3: The financial evaluation of an innovation project

Part II: The promotion of innovation in financial markets

Chapter 4: Are innovative companies favored by the markets?

Chapter 5: Is the innovation promoted by the rating agencies?

Chapter 6: The regulatory framework encourages innovation it you?

Part III: Innovation in financial markets

Chapter 7: The ""new"" financial products

Chapter 8: Does Innovation promoted the financial crisis?

Chapter 9: financial innovation is it creates value ... or risk?