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Innovation and the Media

Innovation and the Media

Patrick-Yves Badillo

ISBN: 978-1-119-33243-5

Aug 2021, Wiley-ISTE

200 pages

Select type: Online Book


The goal of this book is to present fundamentals and innovation in the field of communication, media, social media and Internet. We highlight socio-economic and technological changes to understand the digital shift and the future of media and communication. This book is dedicated to innovation and to the socio-economic of the media and allows:

1) To know fundamentals of the socio-economic of the media and communication: definition of media, journalism, communication and understand accounting and financial aspects, cost and demand analysis applied to media

2) To understand the changes of the media production and market characterized by permanent innovations. The book introduce the main tools (S curves, hype…) and the most recent approaches taking into account the role of Internet users (the bazar and the cathedral, crowdsourcing, crowdstorming)

3) To know the media development through a network analysis distinguishing three periods of media (the Gutenberg age, the Marconi age with diffusion networks and the contemporary age with both mass and personalized networks, like Internet)

4) To master the keys of the new digital paradigm and the media future.

Part I Definitions, Stakes, Fundamentals Of The Media

Part Ii Theories Of Innovation And Socio-Economy Of The Media

Part Iii Mass Media: The Gutenberg Galaxy, The Era Of The New Networks And Media “Giants”

Part IV The Digital Society And The Media