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Innovation in Professional Education: Steps on a Journey from Teaching to Learning

Innovation in Professional Education: Steps on a Journey from Teaching to Learning

Richard E. Boyatzis, Scott S. Cowen, David A. Kolb

ISBN: 978-0-787-90032-8 November 1994 Jossey-Bass 280 Pages


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Based on the experience of the restructuring of the MBA program atCase Western Reserve University, the book describes thetransformation of a program from one where student learning wasincidental to teaching and research into one where learning ispreeminent. Draws from ten years of curriculum change efforts totrace the entire process of program redesign, from initialdiscussion to implementation and evaluation. Examines strategicplanning within the professional school and describes in detail theManagerial Assessment Course--a key element of the new program anda driving force for self-directed learning.

The book provides specific designs, methods, and procedures forconducting outcome assessment studies, including five typesparticularly relevant to professional schools: alumni studies,employer studies, faculty studies, student-change studies, andprofessional competency studies. Throughout the book, the authorsand contributors describe a wealth of useful, thought-provokingideas and learnings on management education and institutionalchange.
1. Introduction: Taking the Path Toward Learning (Richard E.Boyatzis, Scott S. Cowen, David A. Kolb).

Part One: Processes and Designs.

2. Lessons Learned: Guiding Strategic Change in Higher Education(Scott S. Cowen).

3. Management of Knowledge: Redesigning the Weatherhead MBA Program(Richard E. Boyatzis, Scott S. Cowen, David A. Kolb).

4. Cornerstones of Change: Building the Path for Self-DirectedLearning (Richard E. Boyatzis).

Part Two: Outcome Assessments and Results.

5. Past Accomplishments: Establishing the Impact and Baseline ofEarlier Programs (Richard E. Boyatzis, Anne Renio-McKee, LorraineThompson).

6. Gatekeepers of the Enterprise: Assessing Faculty Intent and theStudent Outcome (Richard E. Boyatzis).

7. GAnder Differences in Student Development: Examining LifeStories, Career Histories, and Learning Plans (Susan S. Case,Lorraine Thompson).

8. Will It Make a Difference?: Assessing a Value-Added,Outcome-Oriented, Competency-Based Professional Program (Richard E.Boyatzis, Ann Baker, David Leonard, Kenneth Rhee, LorraineThompson).

Part Three: Key Learnings and Dreams.

9. Reactions from the Stakeholders: The Trials and Tribulations ofImplementing a New Program (Richard E. Boyatzis, Scott S. Cowen,David A. Kolb).

10. Conclusion: What If Learning Were the Purpose of Education?(Richard E. Boyatzis, Scott S. Cowen, David A. Kolb).