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Innovative Presentations For Dummies



Innovative Presentations For Dummies

Ray Anthony, Barbara Boyd

ISBN: 978-1-118-85661-1 May 2014 384 Pages

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Be the speaker they follow with breakthrough innovative presentations

Innovative Presentations For Dummies is a practical guide to engaging your audience with superior, creative, and ultra-compelling presentations. Using clear language and a concise style, this book goes way beyond PowerPoint to enable you to reimagine, reinvent, and remake your presentations. Learn how to stimulate, capture, and hold your audience in the palm of your hand with sound, sight, and touch, and get up to speed on the latest presentation design methods that make you a speaker who gets audiences committed and acting upon your requests. This resource delves into desktop publishing skills, online presentations, analyzing your audience, and delivers fresh, new tips, tricks, and techniques that help you present with confidence and raw power.

Focused and innovative presentations are an essential part of doing business, and most importantly, getting business. Competition, technology, and the ever-tightening economy have made out-presenting your competitors more important than ever. Globally, an estimated 350 PowerPoint presentations are given every second. When it's your turn, you need to go high above and far beyond to stand out from the pack, and Innovative Presentations For Dummies provides a winning game plan. The book includes extensive advice on the visual aspect of presentations and, more importantly, it teaches you how to analyze your audience and speak directly to them. A personalized approach combined with stunning visuals and full sensory engagement makes for a winning presentation.

  • Learn how to be an innovative, not just "effective" presenter in any situation
  • Understand how to read and cater to specific audiences
  • Create captivating visual materials using technology and props
  • Creative customize presentations to best communicate with audiences

More and more employees are being called upon to make presentations, with or without prior training. With step-by-step instruction, vivid examples and ideas and a 360-degree approach to presentations, Innovative Presentations For Dummies will help to drastically improve your presentation outcomes as never before.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Innovative Presentations 5

Chapter 1: Winning Traits of Innovative Presentations 7

Chapter 2: Communicating Innovatively 15

Chapter 3: Coming Across as a Consummate Presenter 33

Part II: The Secrets of Presentation Success 41

Chapter 4: Analyzing and Focusing on Your Audience 43

Chapter 5: Planning Your Winning Strategy 65

Chapter 6: Creating Compelling Content 73

Chapter 7: Honing Your Platform Skills 87

Chapter 8: Choosing Resources and Rehearsing Your Presentation 111

Part III: Giving a Great Presentation 127

Chapter 9: Captivating Your Audience 129

Chapter 10: Keeping Your Audience on the Edge of Their Seats 145

Chapter 11: Ending on a High Note 159

Chapter 12: Reminding Your Audience of Your Message 175

Chapter 13: Dealing with Questions, Resistance, and Audience Hostility 181

Part IV: Mixing Creativity and Technology 201

Chapter 14: Reinventing How You Create and Use Multimedia Visuals 203

Chapter 15: Using Presentation Board Systems, Flip Charts, and Props 215

Chapter 16: Winning Proposals and Presentation Handouts 239

Chapter 17: Going Beyond Bullets on Slides 261

Chapter 18: Selecting and Set ting Up Hardware 273

Chapter 19: Visiting the Future Today 285

Part V: Tailoring the Message 295

Chapter 20: Giving an Opportunities, Results, and Benefits Presentation 297

Chapter 21: Presenting to Executives and Decision Makers for Surefire Wins 305

Chapter 22: Condensing Your Pitch: The Elevator-Ride Approach 315

Chapter 23: Presenting as an Impressive Team 321

Part VI: The Part of Tens 335

Chapter 24: Ten Traits of Innovative Presenters 337

Chapter 25: Almost Ten Reminders from the Laws of Communication Impact 341

Index 345