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Innovative Testing and Measurement Solutions for Smart Grid

Innovative Testing and Measurement Solutions for Smart Grid

Qi Huang, Shi Jing, Jianbo Yi, Wei Zhen

ISBN: 978-1-118-88995-4 May 2015 Wiley-IEEE Press 304 Pages


Focuses on sensor applications and smart meters in the newly developing interconnected smart grid

• Focuses on sensor applications and smart meters in the newly developing interconnected smart grid
• Presents the most updated technological developments in the measurement and testing of power systems within the smart grid environment
• Reflects the modernization of electric utility power systems with the extensive use of computer, sensor, and data communications technologies, providing benefits to energy consumers and utility companies alike
• The leading author heads a group of researchers focusing on the construction of smart grid and smart substation for Sichuan Power Grid, one of the largest in China’s power system

List of Figures xi

List of Tables xxi

Foreword xxiii

Preface xxv

Acknowledgments xxix

1 Introduction 1

1.1 The concept and worldwide development of smart grid 1

1.2 Importance and necessity of measurement and test in smart grid 5

1.3 State of art in measurement and test of smart grid 7

1.4 Outline of the book 10


2 New types of sensors for smart grid 15

2.1 Introduction 15

2.2 Application of advanced magnetic sensor in smart grid 16

2.3 Application of fiber optic sensor in smart grid 64

3 Synchronized wide area measurement for smart grid 89

3.1 Introduction 89

3.2 Time synchronization in substation 90

3.3 Dynamic visualization of power system synchronphasor 107

3.4 Online measurement of low frequency oscillation based on WAMS 112

3.5 Wide area situational awareness 142

4 Measurement of energy, power quality and efficiency in smart grid 163

4.1 Smart meter and AMI for smart grid 164

4.2 Measurement for power quality in smart grid 177

4.3 Measurement for integration of distributed generation 184

5 Data management in smart grid 205

5.1 Introduction 205

5.2 Data and data processing in smart grid 207

5.3 Sensor network for integration of smart grid data 222

5.4 Introduction to smart grid data cloud 229


6 Test of secondary systems in smart substation 241

6.1 Introduction smart substation 241

6.2 Wholeview test of secondary system in smart substation 246

6.3 Development of real time test technology 260

7 Test of auxiliary monitoring system in smart substation 267

7.1 Introduction auxiliary monitoring&control system in smart substation 267

7.2 Test of video surveillance system in smart substation 268

7.3 Test of the video linkage system 278

8 Test on dynamic performance of electronic instrument transformers285

8.1 Introduction 286

8.2 Detailed modeling of Rogowski coil and numerical analysis 287

8.3 Test system design and implementation 297

9 Future vision 307

9.1 Summary of the results 307

9.2 Future vision 310

Index 313